Published On: Thu, Jan 2nd, 2014

Marijuana Legalization 2014: Colorado, Florida, Alabama Seeing gross sales, Arrests

Marijuana Legalization 2014: Colorado, Florida, Alabama Seeing Sales, Arrests

Marijuana legalization in 2014 is ready to hit but some other vital threshold in Colorado and Florida. but whereas some states are beginning criminal marijuana sales, different states are arguing over marijuana legalization, and still others are arresting people.

As up to now said with the aid of The Inquisitr, fake pot is in fact extra unhealthy than real marijuana leaves, in line with docs. and lots of persons are interested by selling the actual factor, with marijuana trade opportunities being the debate of the entrepreneur world.

Colorado’s marijuana legalization simply reached an important milestone for the reason that first stores licensed for leisure marijuana have been in a position to begin making their gross sales to any person over age 21. hundreds of people all over the state stood in lines for hours on the 37 retailers, and police say the crowds have been calm enough to have been stoned already. Sean Azzariti, an Iraq conflict veteran, was the very first consumer. He had campaigned for marijuana legalization because of his PTSD.

In Florida, marijuana is still unlawful for scientific functions, never thoughts recreational marijuana. Florida residents have except February to gather seven hundred,000 signatures on a marijuana legalization petition that would give voters an opportunity to come to a decision if they need clinical marijuana prison in Florida. but it’s still that you can think of the Florida Supreme courtroom might put a halt to any marijuana legalization efforts in the event that they decide the wording of the pollis incorrect.

but in some states like Alabama, marijuana legalization isn’t making a lot headway in any respect. Police recently arrested a marijuana legalization advocate named Christopher Lee Butts, who is the co-president and board chair of the Alabama scientific Marijuana Coalition. in addition, they charged Butts and 4 folks with trafficking unlawful medication. Police say after looking out a residential dwelling they found 30 crops and several buds that have been a part of an unlawful rising operation.

This simply goes to show how different the state of affairs can be from state to state in the us. while people in Colorado are celebrating marijuana legalization, Butts is being held in reformatory on a $ 1 million bond.

Do you assume President Obama and Congress will have to make marijuana legalization a priority in 2014?

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  1. norrin_shadowwolf says:

    Basically, I am asking this as a kind of poll of the respondents to this question; rather than asking for guesses as to how many Americans adopt this view. Most people who support LESS regulation of Marijuana support MORE regulation of guns and vice versa. Also, most people who support Marijuana legalization see it at a STATE issue; but most of those same people support more FEDERAL gun laws. It is therefore contradictory in multiple ways to be against Marijuana regulation; but in favor of more gun regulation. Most Americans are grossly inconsistent in their views on these issues. It makes the most sense and is the most consistent to be either for or against more government regulations in general. Either you want government intrusion into your personal life or you don’t.

  2. llb443 says:

    There is a lot of discussion on the subject of marijuana legalization on YA these days. What do you think would be the reaction if Obama became pro-active for legalization?

  3. Terrence says:

    Because as a non-stoner, I am outraged and infuriated at how popular this issue is. It shouldn’t even be an issue. Marijuana legalization is a joke. We’re talking about legalizing an extremely harmful and addictive drug that can cause cancer and brain damage. Everyone who doesn’t smoke marijuana is against legalization and hates people who smoke it.

  4. PolishPokeyPimp says:

    Some states are in desperate budget deficits. If they want to experiment with marijuana legalization to generate tax revenue, should we let them?
    But if some states are desperate enough to risk it, and we truly believe in freedom, shouldn’t we let them try?
    If God didn’t want us smoking it, why did He make it so easy to grow?

  5. encyclopath says:

    Alcohol is a FAR more dangerous drug than marijuana. You can die from it (and kill others in the process), whereas marijuana has never killed anyone.

    So why do 2 of the most notorious conservatives in America (Glenn Beck and George Dubya) oppose marijuana legalization but had alcohol problems?

    Is this GOP hypocrisy at its finest?

  6. Sir fliesalot says:

    I am under the impression Californian politicians are pushing marijuana legalization to create apathetic, unmotivated individuals who would rely on government for handouts, thus securing the Democrats’ offices. If you’ve ever met a pothead (I know several at work), this would be likely because their dopey attitudes are a cookie-cutter fit to promote the liberal agenda: a population of welfare-grabbing zombies with no work ethic. Does anybody else notice this?

  7. rashest_hippo says:

    Because as a non-stoner, I am outraged and infuriated at how popular this issue is. It shouldn’t even be an issue. Marijuana legalization is a joke. We’re talking about legalizing an extremely harmful and addictive drug that can cause cancer and brain damage. Everyone who doesn’t smoke marijuana is against legalization and hates people who smoke it.

  8. Jeanelle the Retard says:

    I have to do a research paper in Sociology, and marijuana is always my go to. The proffesor suggested it as an accesible topic, but I don’t understand how I can make my paragraph about why it’s a social isssue. Why is marijuana legalization a social issue? How does it relate to sociology?

  9. thexbox360player says:

    Why is marijuana legalization even considered an important issue? It shouldn’t. We’re talking about an extremely dangerous drug with no medicinal purposes and no benefits to one’s health. Everyone who doesn’t smoke marijuana is against legalization and hates people who smoke it.
    @ WilliamG: Yeah, right.

  10. Oilers says:

    If you don’t pressure people or advocate anything illegal, can you support marijuana legalization at a high school you attend? If state laws apply, I’m wanting to know about Oklahoma. If not, what law would you be breaking?
    Im not trying to get it legalized for children. I’m wanting it legalized for adults.

  11. everythingisgonnabefine says:

    Marijuana is obviously much safer than alcohol (the best argument that prohibitions have to the contrary is that marijuana has “400 chemicals”, just like any item of food with multiple proteins etc.).

    Yet many people who accept this and drink alcohol or who will understand this looking at the scientific evidence are against marijuana legalization. What drives people to this conclusion? The White House claims that marijuana legalization will “encourage marijuana use” yet just encouraged alcohol use by releasing the “White House Beer official recipe”. Clearly they intended that the beer be consumed.

    Why do people hold this view? Is it fair that a marijuana smoker who is doing a safer thing than an alcohol drinker for themselves and others be arrested while an alcohol drinker be within the bounds of the law?

  12. The Inc says:

    Ways to solve the debt and/or what is your stance and view about marijuana legalization

  13. Krazy Bob says:

    Men are more likely than women to support marijuana legalization. A poll from Washington state showed that 59% of men were either definitely in favor of legalization of marijuana or inclined to support legalization of marijuana. For women the number was 49%, which is a pretty significant gender gap.

    What do you attribute this difference of opinion to?

  14. Scott Bull says:

    I thought this would be a topic that wasn’t so difficult but I am writing an argumentative essay on marijuana legalization and I am having such a difficult time finding credible sources. Please help!

  15. _marky_mark_ says:

    What kind of non-stoner would support marijuana legalization? I’ll bet they’re all like me: wanting to stab anyone to oblivion who smokes pot.

  16. Mathew says:

    What kind of non-stoner would support marijuana legalization? I’ll bet they’re all like me: wanting to stab anyone to oblivion who smokes pot.

  17. Mc L says:

    Call to Ohioans! Call your local representatives and tell them to support these bills! They have to hear from you, poll numbers saying the majority of Ohioans are for medical access ( and I would love for this to come up for a legalization vote there) simply aren’t enough for them to realize Ohioans want this. They need to hear from you!

    It seems like we could have about state that will have some common sense.

  18. rndmaktn says:

    I know i’ll get responses saying that it won’t matter, because it’ll still be illegal on a federal level, but outside that I know Gov. Mark Dayton would veto any loose-marijuana legalization bill that came to his desk, stating in a Woodbury high school visit that he would legalize medical marijuana under narrow circumstances, but not to the degree of a state such as California. When do you think marijuana may be legalized in Minnesota for recreational use, or medical use such as in California? Will the upper mid-west be among the last to legalize?

  19. Scott Bull says:

    When asked a question about it at the other day’s Town Hall meeting, President Obama brushed the topic off as impractical and unimportant. It seems like marijuana legalization could help alot of people afflicted with chronic illness, not to mention it would stimulate the economy. Sure, medical marijuana is legal in some states, but you often have to exhaust every other option and get a special license. Wouldn’t it just be much easier to legalize it on the federal level for everyone? Why or why not? What are your thoughts on the argument? Thanks.

  20. musicistabest says:

    I’ve been reading other questions on here about marijuana legalization and most of the answers are for legalizing it. And I’m assuming any answers that don’t state whether they smoke or not means they do smoke. So is it possible to support legalizing marijuana even though you don’t smoke it? And why would they support it?

  21. clntvrrt says:

    Seems like marijuana legalization would definitely cut into the profits of the Pharmaceutical Industry. (especially antidepressants etc.)


    It would be MUCH cheaper and achieve roughly the same effects AND it’s all natural.

    What do you think??

  22. kevindiking67verizonnet says:

    wife 3 kids, no california knowledge, marijuana legalization in california. From florida to california knowing no one with 10,000 dollars and the ability to grow marijuana legally. Can i make it alone? Can i get rich? will i succeed?

  23. Peter says:

    I have to write a paper on marijuana legalization, and I need to come up with safer ways of taking marijuana rather than smoking it.

  24. Kobe says:

    For my government class I’m writing an essay on medical marijuana legalization at the federal level. I need to find a suggested policy plan to legalize medical marijuana… not all around weed, just for medical uses. I’ve been looking a lot of places but can’t find any. Anybody know of a place that has something like this? Or suggestions on where I can look around and perhaps find one? It doesn’t have to be official or thoroughly researched…

  25. Benihana says:

    If not, I’d be very surprised, because supporting something dangerous that you don’t even use doesn’t make any sense. Supporting marijuana legalization is like supporting making murder legal.

  26. Seth says:

    Why is marijuana legalization even considered an important issue? It shouldn’t. We’re talking about an extremely dangerous drug with no medicinal purposes and no benefits to one’s health. Everyone who doesn’t smoke marijuana is against legalization and hates people who smoke it.

  27. Jairo says:

    I would like to know where I can find the true views for the Democrats on Medical Marijuana Legalization. Can anyone help me?

  28. Ray D says:

    Hi I am currently a junior in high school. I want to apply for the marine option. I have been checking the web-sight but it says it is still not open for the 2014 year. when does it open and what would be a good major for a MOS of intelligence officer. also my 5 top schools are USF, BU, howard university, loyola university of ILLINOIS, and univerity of calofornia, los angelos. so far i have a 3.2 G.P.A with a year to date of a 3.4 gpa. I can max out the sit ups and the dead hang but my 3 mile run is 26 minutes im working on it though. also how is the pft scored? I know I need a 280 to be competitive. if my school choices dont fit my acadamic level which schools are better for me.

  29. Malcolm Hudson says:

    I personally think the Republicans support Marijuana legalization more, but the Religious Right is powerful enough to oppose it.

  30. slipknot0129 says:

    I was wondering about how you feel marijuana legalization would benefit or harm the U.S. population? I’ve heard, and have generally agreed upon, positions that say we spend too much money to catch and imprison marijuana users and that prison overcrowding makes this even more difficult.

    Marijuana smoker legalization, some have said, could help users get help through counseling (like AA for alcoholics) that they have a hard time getting currently, it could boost the economy as marijuana is very useful for medical purposes, recreational use, and could be used as product material in some cases. (no doubt a billion dollar industry)

    Also, it was said that by making Marijuana in the hands of businesspersons vs. street drug dealers, crime and drug-related inner city violence may decrease.

    That’s what some supporters say – I’d like to hear what the antis and some other supporters say – would marijuana legalization be beneficial to the U.S. population or detrimental?
    (ran out of space)
    Also, drawing conclusions by comparing marijuana use with alcohol, tobacco, prescription drugs, etc… are fine too.
    Oh, before people start responding I also want to state that I am not a marijuana user (actually I don’t smoke cigarettes and I drink alcohol only on rare occasions), but I am curious about marijuana legalization from an economic and crime-reduction perspective.

  31. DuckieM10 says:

    Because as a non-stoner, I am outraged and infuriated at how popular this issue is. It shouldn’t even be an issue. Marijuana legalization is a joke. We’re talking about legalizing an extremely harmful and addictive drug that can cause cancer and brain damage. Everyone who doesn’t smoke marijuana is against legalization and hates people who smoke it.
    @ Wild Card: You poor stoner. Go kill yourself.

  32. Mark says:

    I have yet to see an argument against marijuana legalization that did not come from propaganda. Anyone who is against medical marijuana is just an asshole. Is there anyone educated on the topic that is AGAINST its legalization? Is there actually a good reason that isn’t a lie?
    mustagme-Everything you said is UNTRUE and PROPAGANDA the government tries to teach us. Form your own opinion and think for yourself. It isn’t hard.

  33. Larry R says:

    I have to find ‘negative effects’ on marijuana by this drug councillor but I suspect it’s for an Prohibition stance. I have looked on marijuana legalisation websites that talk about the effects of cannabis and how it’s technically safer than alcohol. There seems to be hardly any negative effects because most of the so-called effects have been debunked.
    @Neil Might you show me the Marijuana links to the URL for the Cannabis Trimbos page?

  34. Rkmc says:

    Straightforward question.

    Whether you smoke or not, are you pro or anti marijuana legalization? And how likely do you think marijuana is to be legalized (and possibly even taxed) within the next 5 years?

  35. toysruslover says:
    Proposition 19 *(marijuana legalization) failed to pass by a vote of 54% to 46%
    What would you have put into or taken out of the bill in order to make it pass?
    What other factors do you think caused the bill to fail?
    Cannabis is possibly the most useful plant on the entire planet bare none.
    It seems exceedingly unlikely that industrial cannabis would be permitted to be grown commercially if the drug derived from cannabis i.e. marijuana is still illegal.
    So it is likely that marijuana will have to be legalized for industrial cannabis to be commercially grown.
    It seems that the drug marijuana is possibly the safest drug known to mankind with countless uses. There has also never been a recorded death as a result of consumption of the drug derived from the cannabis plant.

    So again it comes back to it seems as if the drug marijuana will have to be legalized in order for industrial cannabis to be grown and that is the root of the question as to what would you write into legislation to make marijuana legal.

  36. The Villain says:

    The reason I ask is because conservatives are for less government. With a more dangerous drug like alcohol being legal, you’d think conservatives would be leading the ticket on marijuana legalization. However, it seems that mostly liberals are for legalization, with the exception of people like Ron Paul and other libertarians.

  37. The Beatles says:

    What do you think is the likelihood of marijuana legalization or decriminalization is in the United States(federally)? How about at the state level?
    Are you for or against legalization?

  38. Ssshhhh Im becoming aroused says:

    Would marijuana legalization prevent the jails/prisons from being overcrowded?

  39. arronwrath says:

    The thing is I want to attend either CSULA or CSUN during fall 2014 and I still want to take 2 semesters here at my community college because I want to get my GPA up to a certain point where i’m confident. I want to apply when I’m done with my spring 2014 semester, but my semester ends during June of 2014 and their semester for 2014 fall starts in September. Could I apply 2 months prior the semester starts? Would that work?

  40. Austin says:

    I read that in 2003, an asteroid was approaching the earth and could hit us on March 21, 2014 causing a doomsday event and killing us all. Will the world end on March 21, 2014 with an asteroid collision or can some of us survive this?

  41. jordenkotor says:

    I’ve been reading other questions on here about marijuana legalization and most of the answers are for legalizing it. And I’m assuming any answers that don’t state whether they smoke or not means they do smoke. So is it possible to support legalizing marijuana even though you don’t smoke it? And why would they support it?

  42. Larry R says:

    I’ve been reading other questions on here about marijuana legalization and most of the answers are for legalizing it. And I’m assuming any answers that don’t state whether they smoke or not means they do smoke. So is it possible to support legalizing marijuana even though you don’t smoke it? And why would they support it?

  43. Muzahid says:

    I thought the whole argument that was based on prohibition being a failure is only strengthened by its repeal. Is it because most of the people that argue for marijuana legalization are under 21?

  44. Denali says:

    I’ve been reading other questions on here about marijuana legalization and most of the answers are for legalizing it. And I’m assuming any answers that don’t state whether they smoke or not means they do smoke. So is it possible to support legalizing marijuana even though you don’t smoke it? And why would they support it?

  45. MexicanDude says:

    I’m writing a paper on the benefits of a nationwide marijuana legalization. It could stimulate the economy, people still manage to use it, and stuff like that. I need more reasons and facts (I have yet to specify whether I mean for medical purposes only or not).

  46. Austin says:

    do you think there is enough people to vote yes for marijuana legalization in California?

  47. Gabriel Kenney says:

    I still can’t figure out why marijuana legalization is even on the California ballot. Non-stoners think it’s a joke to legalize something extremely dangerous and addictive. Only pot smokers support legalization and all non-stoners wish all pot smokers were murdered.

  48. blarg blarg says:

    Why is marijuana legalization even considered an important issue? It shouldn’t. We’re talking about an extremely dangerous drug with no medicinal purposes and no benefits to one’s health. Everyone who doesn’t smoke marijuana is against legalization and hates people who smoke it.

  49. therundown2k3 says:

    I’ve heard marijuana legalization may come to the ballot in both of these states, considering California, one of the more “blue” (liberal/progressive) states voted for prop 8 (proposal that opposed gay marriage). No doubt, there are many progressives in California, but there will also be a lot of cons showing up. What do you think?

  50. toast says:

    What kind of non-stoner would support marijuana legalization? I’ll bet they’re all like me: wanting to stab anyone to oblivion who smokes pot.

  51. nothin_nyce1 says:

    Because as a non-stoner, I am outraged and infuriated at how popular this issue is. It shouldn’t even be an issue. Marijuana legalization is a joke. We’re talking about legalizing an extremely harmful and addictive drug that can cause cancer and brain damage. Everyone who doesn’t smoke marijuana is against legalization and hates people who smoke it.

  52. EzioAuditore1459 says:

    I am just curious, to those of you opposed to legalizing marijuana use, I have a few questions.
    What is your reasoning against it?
    Have you ever tried it?
    Do you drink alcohol? If so, have you ever binged?
    Do you have any legitimate scientific resources claiming affects that are more harmful than that of alcohol?

    I’m really just wondering what, if any, would be a valid argument against legalization?
    Please relay facts only. Your opinion is entirely subjective, so objective replies would be great (I’m totally open to opinion as well but please, no opinion only answers.)

    I am an avid pot smoker (I smoke 4-5 times a day), have an above average education & am a functional member of society.

  53. Elijah luv says:

    Legalize it? Yes or no and an explanation on your decision.

    I’m all for it.

  54. stealspartansbcglobalnet says:

    I have heard nothing on the important matters in which our country faces. So lets start with reducing our deficit and start profiting from something which is nothing but green and good for the environment. Seriously think. It is the strongest natural fiber on the planet. Not only that, the seeds contain more protein than a soybean. We can make paper and clothing. We could stop manufacturing chemical fibers and use all natural. Vote for Me…
    Open Thoughts That would never happen I still will grow my own regardless. I don’t care about the laws. I’m speaking from the standpoint of the fact that it is environmently friendly.I mean come on, any Joe Shmoe can grow.All you need is a spare closet. I’m talking on a broad scale.So they could grow just male plants, but the females produce the seed and that is also needed. If its just for the drug then you can do that on your own. The Chinese used to grind up the roots, make a paste and rub it on sore joints and burns.

  55. Larry R says:

    I’ve read a lot of article, as well as questions and answers by other yahoo members. It seems like very few people actually know what they’re talking about. But there are a handful that have actually done their homework, if not for actually homework, then just to see what the effects on their bodies would be before trying it themselves (If I’m not mistaken ;])…

    Have you ever heard a Stoner’s anthem. Most of them are full of bull, but some of them are kind of cool <3 My favorite was:
    Stoner's live, Stoner's die. F-ck the world, let's get high!
    Pot's a plant, It grows in the ground. If God didn't LIKE it, it wouldn't be around.
    So drink 151, smoke a bowl, party hard, and rock n roll!
    PS, to all you guys who think you're cool, F-ck you guys, Stoner's rule <3

    Please no bad-mouthing, rude comments, name-calling, etc… I'm not scared to report people.
    I'm simply looking for people to express how they think the economy would profit or, in some cases, not profit from the legalization of Ganja.
    my bad…I misspelled a lot of words. My spell check is automatic and puts whatever it thinks I was trying to say in <3

  56. Sergio says:

    Here’s a wake-up call for them: Marijuana is dangerous. It destroys your mind and body and turns people into lazy and unproductive pacifist leeches on society. The last thing we need is for stoners to keep getting their way. They need to be locked up in prison and left there to rot. I’m sure all non-stoners would agree with me and I hope they prevent this from ever occurring. I might not live anywhere near California, but if something like this does happen, it will become national and the country will really be screwed.

  57. ScRSC says:

    I have to write a short essay and i’ll need atleast 3 pros more if possible.

  58. Andre says:

    examples would be great.!!..and im pro (legalize marijuana)

  59. xLittle21Yaox says:

    Ok so at my school we do senior panorama for the yearbook and we all get a copy. The seniors like to make shirts that spell stuff. For example class of 2010 did SEN10RS. Class of 2012 did SENIO12S (12 is the R) and class of 2013 just did SENIOR 13ABES AND 13ROS (B). I’m class of 2014 and we have no idea what to do. Any ideas would be appreciated. Don’t be stupid about it tho please be realistic

  60. zaclo says:

    If the United states legalized marijuana after prop 19 in California would the UK legalize as well?

    P.s im not a smoker myself i just think legalizing will put the UK in a better economic position.

  61. simply complicated says:

    State your opinions on the legalization of marijuana. If you want state facts on why should or why it should not be legalized.

    BQ: Have you ever tried it?

  62. Marshal says:

    i’m doing an essay on the argument of legalization of drugs in canada, especially marijuana. they say that the market of drugs provide approximately 200billion for those leaders behind marijuana production/selling. and marijuana are not as poisonous as alcohol; you need your body’s weight of weed to poison yourself whereas alcohol=a litre.

    what’s your opinion? preferably in point form.
    omg you are taking my question to literally. i’m asking you to give me points, and i’m just giving examples of “for” not my opinion. goddamned stupid people.
    i’ve never even tried marijuana before. not that i even want to.
    and i am not even asking if one litre of alcohol or your body weight of marijuana kills you. its not even my point! its one of the examples of comparison of alcohol and marijuana’s danger!

    seriously get a fcuking fcuking brain.

  63. thinkthought says:

    I am talking complete legalization, being able to sell weed in stores etc.

  64. have faith says:

    Does anyone know of any solid sources for the Pro and Con arguments for the complete legalization of Marijuana? I am trying to write a mediation paper for English class and am having a tough time finding good sources. Any help is greatly appreciated

  65. Lucas H says:

    Facts or examples for these reasons:

    - Marijuana is often used as a gateway drug.
    - It would increase the chances of marijuana falling into kids hands.
    - Marijuana is addicting and it does have long term affects.

    Should I use those reasons or can you think of better ones?

    Also, websites with good info on the topic would be great.


  66. JimT says:

    what is the chance in the us of having marijuana legalized and when would it happen?

    personally i think there are way more benefits from it than negative things…it would open a giant industry, providing jobs, stop people from dying from intense drug trading, lessen costs on trying to combat marijuana, and help people that are sick.

    what are your thoughts?

  67. crzyinluv says:

    I have to write an editorial for class on the legalization of marijuana. I would like to gather some information based on people’s opinions. If you have anything to say about it – now is your time to voice your opinion!

  68. thexbox360player says:

    I know there are some states that have medical marijuana legal like California and New Mexico and such. But my dad says that even though the STATE has pot legal, the FDA still shuts down dispensaries and arrests people growing and selling medicinal weed even with legal permission. Is this true? Because it doesn’t make sense to me at all.

  69. The Beatles says:

    Right now it looks like California is going to legalize pot in November since polls indicated that 60% of Californians are in favor. However, anything can happen to those polls between now and November, especially once all the anti-pot commercials and advertisements spring up near voting time.

    My question: How is California law enforcement going to enforce DUI when it comes to pot? I’m assuming that there will be ALOT more people driving while they’re high if legalization goes into effect. Is there any technology out there that will help law enforcement determine if someone is high while they are driving? How do you think California law enforcement should go about?

  70. Alex says:

    I passed class 12 in 2013 and I have got 61% aggregate in 5 subjects and 56% in PCM, so am I eligible for JEE Main 2014 ? Also I would like to know that if I clear the exam in 2014, will I be eligible for counselling and admission to colleges like DTU(DCE), NSIT etc. as my PCM aggregate <60% ?

  71. Sahil says:

    …how would you vote?

    Of course, I have an opinion on the subject, so I’d ask you to keep the following in mind:

    1. Marijuana has a safety record superior to aspirin. Far superior, actually.

    2. It is physically impossible to fatally OD on marijuana. You simply cannot (and would not) smoke enough, quickly enough, to approach the LD50. Yes, even with those legendary strains that your buddy’s buddy can get from some guy in the government. Valium, prozac, alcohol, zanex… all addictive, all potentially fatal. Go ahead, rationalize that.

    3. The illegality of marijuana drains billions from the economy. Every recreational user that we have imprisoned has to be fed, clothed, guarded, monitored. They must be provided with recreation. Prisons must be built for them. They are fined and fired. Their families lose income, and they may lose their family member.

    4. Everyone that wants marijuana can already get it.

    5. Legalizing it would take the street value from ~$100.00/oz
    Saying “only idiots smoke marijuana” is about as enlightened as saying “keep your chicken away from that black fella, he’ll steal it.”

    A little background, son. My IQ is on par with virtually anyone I’ve met. I have a very solid grasp of subjects ranging from calculus to philosophy. I’m a vet that has served in places that would scare the bejeesus out of your namby-pamby self. I do not live in my mother’s basement, I live in a house purchased with my own money, built on land purchased with my own money. My children live in the third and fourth bedroom. I drive a 2010 Volks Jetta TDI, that I am paying off with my $60,000/year job.

    To assume all pot smokers are idiots, poor, lazy, or misguided is about as enlightened as saying “black people love chicken.” While it may be true in many instances, you have gotten your cause-and-effect horribly twisted.

    Now go conduct an exegetical analysis on that, prick.

  72. Melanie says:

    What are the chances of the USA legalizing marijuana, and taxing and regulating it just like tobacco and alcohol?

    Marijuana isn’t addictive and a 2006 study by Harvard shows that it slows down the spread of cancer. 4/5 high school graduates admit to smoking marijuana by the time they graduated this statistic was taken 3 years ago and I don’t see people puking all over benches.

    Marijuana is the USA’s number one cash crop, outselling wheat and corn. It’s brings in around 36.8 billion dollars a year. The city of Oakland, CA usually ran a deficit of 50 million dollars a year, but after legalizing marijuana, they only run a deficit of 5 million dollars.

    You give Republicans a bad name, go educate yourself.

    Marijuana isn’t addictive and a 2006 study by Harvard shows that it slows down the spread of cancer. 4/5 high school graduates admit to smoking marijuana by the time they graduated this statistic was taken 3 years ago and I don’t see people puking all over benches.

    Marijuana is the USA’s number one cash crop, outselling wheat and corn. It’s brings in around 36.8 billion dollars a year. The city of Oakland, CA usually ran a deficit of 50 million dollars a year, but after legalizing marijuana, they only run a deficit of 5 million dollars.

    You give Republicans a bad name, go educate yourself.

  73. Sonny says:

    Are you for or against marijuana legalization? Why/why not?

    What is your religious affiliation (or lack thereof)? Do you believe religious/non-religious upbringing has any influence on the outcome of your stance on marijuana?

  74. Cole says:

    please make sensible arguments. such as facts or personal experience, No stupid its a drug bs.

  75. uberfailz says:

    I was wondering what other people thought, about the legalization of marijuana for recreational use, not just medical? I personally would like it legal but I want to know other peoples reasons and why? And please spare me those smart ass answers some people give.

  76. nyyankees1123 says:

    What do you think? I’m talking about full legalization, please go into detail?

  77. Peter says:

    I aim this question specifically toward the conservatives and Republicans on this site. From my own observations, a lot of the conservatives here are part of the “Tea Party” movement, and I know the view of marijuana legalization varies considerable within. So what’s your outlook? Why?
    jak – instead of leaving it to the state, what about leaving it to the people?

  78. josh12rox says:

    I’m writing a strenuous 8 page essay on how we can legalize Marijuana without having negative effects. But I blanked out. Any help would be highly appreciated.

  79. johnkaiser 22 says:

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  81. slipknot0129 says:

    For my sociology class we are doing a debate on the legalization of marijuana. i am on the con side i have to ask questions (crossfire) to the other team

    what are some good questions for these topics:
    there points are the

    Health: there are no deaths by marijuana more people die from asprin and alcohol & for medical use
    - we are going to say that it can cause lung cancer and can lower immune system causing more illness

    Benefits: they’re saying that it was make you more creative? (haha dont really get this one) and they might bring up medical use

    what are some good questions that i can crossfire at them?
    BTW this may not be my opinion on the subject we were assigned groups so dont judge..

  82. Jenna says:

    I’m obviously FOR legalization, but I respect the opinions of those who are against. I don’t quite understand them though. So what are the reasons that make you guys against legalization?

    And for those of you who’ll say “because it’s bad for you”, well how do you explain that tobacco & alcohol are legal but marijuana isn’t? Tobacco & alcohol are obviously worse than marijuana. The “because it’s bad for you” reason isn’t good enough for me; after all, fast food taken excessively can destroy your body, video games can get a person obese, etc…

  83. supernerd567 says:

    I’m on a debate team for school.. and we were assigned pro marijuana legalization. If you have any sources or quotes from important people please copy the link.. or just give us your opinion. thanks:)

  84. Matthew says:

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    what are your thougths on germanys 2014 squad

  86. Derek says:

    Okay guys, I have a tough question for you. If marijuana legalization would guarantee economic recovery from this recession we’re in, would you vote for it? And, there’s no going back to banning it again, weed would still be legal after the recovery. Why or why not? My personal choice is yes.

  87. Rassling Fundamentals says:

    In my state of Massachusetts, Medical Marijuana was voted to be legal as a pain medication for the terminally ill.
    But the next day, a radio talk show was on and the host talked about people getting high, rather that people using marijuana being used as a pain medication.

  88. Jairo says:
    thank you to everyone who reads and answers. im not asking if you think legalization is possible, im asking if my idea that is proposed is possible, and if you support it

  89. Benihana says:

    See my answer to allergic2stu…in this category about the war on drugs.

  90. ConfusionnaJob says:

    What are the arguments for or against the legalization of marijuana that are not based on logical fallacies?

  91. Salam says:

    I am Anti Marijuana. It may seem “harmless” and “natural” but in the long run, it causes more harm than good. Name your reasons!

    1.) Just because it is natural doesn’t make it safe to use. Arsenic(deadly poisin used by amateur assasins) is natural and so is opium but it doesn’t mean its good for you.

    2.) I don’t do alcohol and I know alcohol is worse but you still don’t need to appease drug dealers by givin in. Marijuana makes you lazy and unmotivated. It slows down your reflexes and destorys your brain cells. It may seem like you are “normal” but laziness and very slow reflexes is not “normal”.

    3.) Nothing sends a more positive message to small children than lighting one up! While we are at it, why not give them some skin mags too! *sarcasm*

    4.)There is no way to control legalized public smoking because anyone who is around marijuana smoke gets a contact buzz whether you want one or not causing unnessesary lawsuits. I don’t want to have to worry about getting high when I go to the store. Also parents would be smoking around their children who wouldn’t be able to choose whether or not to get high by their parents through a contact buzz.

    4.)Just because it isn’t physically addictive doesn’t mean it is psychologically addictive. Physically addictive means that you will die unless you don’t have the drug. Psychological drugs causes you to have moderate withdrawal symptoms such as frequent anger, shortness of temper and irritability.

    5.) Just because you don’t agree with a law doesn’t give you the right to go and break it. If I believed that molesting children should be a right of passage doesn’t make it any more right if I try and break the law. If you don’t like something, boycott and protest.

    6.) Compared to the pot smokers and non pot smokers, the non pot smokers have way better grades and GPA compared to the pot smokers.

    Are you pro or anti marijuana legalization?

    The only way I would ever consider making it legal would be for medicinal purposes and only availible in Pill/capsule/tablet form so that the government can easily control and figure out if they got it from a doctor or if the person tried to grow and smoke it. In capsule form you don’t have to worry about getting other high through contact buzzes and it is a way to make sure someone needs the drugs for medicinal purposes and are not trying to find an easy way to get “stoned” by smoking it.
    Yep the government is out to get you man!!!

    Did you know paronia is one of the symptoms of marijuana usage?
    Children will be exposed to killers sometime in their lives so why don’t we just expose them at an early age!!! Lets go ahead and get them use to it.
    As stated before even if Alcohol and Cigarettes are worse, it doesn’t make marijuana any better.

    Again I would only support it if it was administered in capsule/pill/tablet form for maximum control and prevention of contact buzzes.

  92. Death Knight says:

    I know that is a hot topic among us, so i guess i’ll ask it. But first:

    1. If you are for it, don’t go on and say ” Hell yeah, I smoke Marijuana every day and nothing happened to me!” Explain why you think legalization would benefit the US.

    2. If you are against it, please explain why. Don’t just say ” Because it’s bad for you.” That’ is not a good enough answer.

  93. Only Business says:

    As far as me, I do not agree with it at all… ever since moving to this country.. I could not find one soul in school that did not do drugs. period. and now legalizing it? possibility for just taxes and paying deficit… i hope?! fof something ATLEAST instead of “medical purposes” I seen more sick people eating at McDonalds or Wendys when the finger was in the chili

  94. Scorch Delta-62 says:

    What are the pros & cons of marijauana legalization?

  95. sam N says:

    I’m doing a debate in my AP us history class…. weird since it’s a current event and all

  96. Big Banger says:

    I have seen many questions regarding Marijuana Legalization, and the majority of the people answering were pro legalization. Why can’t the government make it a 2 sided issue campaign (pro Legal and Anti Legal) and have the people vote on it? Are we suddenly communist where the government holds our hands, or can we make these decisions on our own? When is enough, ENOUGH?
    Please do your research before you rant and rave.

  97. louisewoods1984 says:

    I go to a Christian Private school and we got to write a paper on any controversial topic we want and chose a side. So I’m writing about the legalization of recreational marijuana (medical is already legal here in oregon).

    We need 10 pages of research from websites and what not, so does anyone have any legitimate website sources talking about this subject? Nothing shady like blogs or anything. They can be biased but must be professional. feel free to give your opinions and take on it cause that could be helpful when I actually have to write the paper

  98. evil chevy says:

    Just curious because of the Colorado and Washington state recent legalization I’m sure more states will soon follow. Any word on other states pushing for it in 2013?

  99. easton j says:

    Why hasn’t marijuana been legalized, seriously? Wouldn’t Big Tobacco benefit? Why are alcohol and tobacco legit, but marijuana sits in “decriminalized limbo”?

  100. apleaforbrandon says:

    I need to do an argument essay, and I’m thinking about writing about the legalization of marijuana. Can you please help me what good ideas I should put? Well, I need a lot since I need to do 7 pages. I appreciate any help. Thanks thanks!

  101. mr flibble says:

    Full legalization just like Alcohol.
    This is a survey and please tell me your age and if you want to take the time…WHY or WHY NOT?
    I know a 68 year old cardiologist who regularly smokes pot. He says that its not that damaging to the body and he is concerned mostly of the smoke but users usually inhale very little it usually is not a big problem.

  102. davemc74656 says:

    I need help coming up with a slogan to put on our class t-shirts. our theam is angry birds. it has a picture of the 2014 angry bird on top with a crown and the classes of 2013,2015, and 2016 are beat up. its four our class day a competition between all the other classes. our mascot is a cardinal and thats what we are makeing the angry birds look like. do you have any ideas for a slogan to be put on our shirt?

  103. Michael K says:

    what do you think will the current world champions do in the 2014 WC in brazil and will they get thier second in a row???

  104. Andres C says:

    Its a natural herb. It is safer than alcohol which is legal at 21. Depending on how you smoke marijuana it can be safer than tobacco which is also legal.

    It has minimal effect on your brain over a period of time. Alcohol does more damage to your brain and other organs.

    It helps ill people with pain, ALOT.

    It brings people together, makes us happy, makes us just want to relax. Yes it may impair you while driving (depending on how high you get) but so does alcohol. And it is WAY worse to drive drunk than high.

    Im 20 and so far about 80% of the people ive met smoke marijuana or have at least tried it.

    I just want to know why the government tries to make it look so bad, and schools and whatever else try and make it look like the devils work.

    I smoked everyday before class in college and it helped me concentrate, helped me take notes, helped me study. Got me better grades!

    I understand some people dont like to smoke it, which is 100% okay, but why are their some people that make it look like its gonna kill you and that its the worst thing ever.

    Never once when I smoked marijuana did I say ” hey I wanna do coke and heroin now,” its not a gateway drug.

    Please give me pros and cons of legalizing marijuana.

    And thats fine if you don’t like it but please keep your rude comments to yourself, and try smoking some grass to help your bad attitude. Thanks (:

  105. Duke says:

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  114. jdfan says:

    In my english class we are having a socratic seminar on marijuana legalization, everyone was split into two groups marijuana legalization and anti- marijuana legalization. We have to find information on both sides so we have arguments against marijuana and so we can plan ahead for their arguments.

    I’m having trouble finding practically any information for either side. I need valid information for both sides and information would be very much appreciated.

    Side Note: (Feel free to write your opinion on legalizing marijuana, of course with provable arguments.)

    Thank you so much in advance for your help and seriousness.

  115. che-che says:

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  117. Anny says:

    If so, you’re a pothead. Nobody that doesn’t smoke marijuana would like for weed to be legalized so all of these stoner f*cks who are undermining the U.S. can get stoned without getting busted.

    Stoners support the legalization of marijuana just so they can get stoned all the time without getting in trouble with the cops. They have no respect for the law or their health and enjoy destroying their bodies and minds with that toxic plant. Marijuana has been proven to cause lung cancer and destroy key parts of your brain and yet our culture continues to put pot smoking in a positive light and insult everyone that doesn’t smoke pot.

    Everyone that smokes marijuana for any reason deserves to be put in jail and left there to rot and die. Someone should take an AK-47 to a pro-legalization rally and open fire on the crowd of stoners and let them die in a pool of their own blood. They are all drains on society and culture and don’t deserve any of the freedoms us non-stoners have.

    You stoners can b*tch at me all you want about how I’m ignorant but you’re all just mad because your precious dope isn’t legal. I could give you all a beatdown in real life. (The truth about marijuana)

  118. Mc L says:

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    By ‘new light’ I mean what Zion’s Watch Tower said about it in Feb.1881 page 188:
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    “If you were lighting up a building containing seven gas jets you would not extinguish one every time you lighted another, but would add one light to another and they would be in harmony and thus give increase of light; So is it with the light of truth; the true increase is by adding to, not by substituting one for another.” [Quote ends]

    Given that every doctrine connected with 1914, apart from the one about Jesus being invisibly crowned King in heaven, has been admitted to as wrong, all those ‘lights’ have been extinguished. Only one remains intact. The GB saying what did NOT happen then equals extinguishing old light. Anything new they might say soon equals new light.

  132. Disrae says:

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    (when naming your players, keep in mind of when the games take place and that players current age)


    My predictions:

    1) Marc-André Fleury, Carey Price, Cam Ward
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    7) Gold: Canada
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    What do you all think!!

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  156. Balla says:

    Legalize it. Tax it. It shouldn’t be a hot button issue.
    This country has more pertinent things to worry about.

    What are your thoughts on marijuana legalization?

  157. Cpt Excelsior says:

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