Published On: Wed, Dec 4th, 2013

Tim Tebow news Says NFL QB occupation Over, SEC community starts tv Job Bidding battle

Tim Tebow News Claims NFL Career Over: SEC Network Starts Bidding War For TV Job

The latest Tim Tebow news nowadays claims his NFL profession as a QB starter could be over considering that television networks are starting a bidding war to provide him a job in sports broadcasting.

As up to now mentioned with the aid of The Inquisitr, NFL lovers were asking where is Tim Tebow a lot these earlier several months.

He’s been noticed in Hawaii visiting along with his sister and Tim Tebow sightings are actually in fact being sought after by the paparazzi. based totally upon his Twitter account, although he lower back dwelling for Thanksgiving he’s been specializing in Christian missionary efforts and helping people within the Philippines after the tsunami destroyed so many people’s lives.

So is Tim Tebow’s NFL profession in reality over? Tim has apparently got calls from LA KISS, an enviornment football owned through rock band KISS, who provided him a three year contract in September. A Russian staff called the Moscow Black Storm provided Tebow $ 1 million to play two video games, which he declined. however a Tim Tebow Jaguars jobs provide is probably his handiest hope. there’s a present push with the aid of Jacksonville residents, fanatics and even metropolis councilmen to provide Tebow a spot with the Jacksonville Jaguars. but Tim has no longer proven any inclination to enroll in the crew many have called the worst workforce in the league, and no news of an offer has been officially released.

Tim Tebow’s Broadcasting profession?

earlier reviews claimed Tim will look for a school football television job if he receives no further pastime from NFL teams. the fact that Tim has employed a broadcast agent hasn’t damage and now ESPN’s SEC network, CBS sports activities, and Fox sports are all vying to add Tebowing to their lineup. And these rumors take advantage of feel because he’d be overlaying the convention where he received a Heisman so he will have to be very familiar with how issues work.

Some state that a broadcasting occupation is the apparent next step for Tim Tebow and level out that he appears to have a natural skill for being on reveal. despite verbal tics corresponding to repetitiously using fillers like “you recognize” and “i think,” he has been deemed to have “excellent digicam presence” and shows promise in delivering insightful content to segments. On the flip aspect, other wonder if Tim is able to offer critique as well as perception and praise and suggesting Mr. Tebow’s character would pose difficulties in being brutally trustworthy about gamers when necessary. in any case, this guy is known for no longer being important of anyone and instead focusing on the positive combined with a Christian message.

It’s not like he’d have his personal convey (my I recommend the identify Tebowmania?) when you consider that he’d one of four hosts if he joined the SEC network. but I imagine his identify can be used as a highlight to attract people into observing any new sports analyst displays.

Do you suppose Tim Tebow would make a good college soccer sports activities broadcaster or will have to he proceed to pursue a NFL profession as a QB starter?

Tim Tebow news Says NFL QB occupation Over, SEC community begins tv Job Bidding conflict is a publish from: The Inquisitr information

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  1. United says:

    Just what is going on here? Why no one like Mitt but like Tim Tebow?

  2. Gage says:

    I feel like they are fairly even as athletes. They both revolutionized their sports. They will both be hall of famers. Is Tim Tebow just as much of an influence on football as MJ was on basketball?

  3. Jermaine J says:

    Aaron rodgers is returning from a concussion and Tim Tebow had a good game last week.

  4. Salam says:

    The Pro-choice group started a petition telling CBS not to air the Ad. We Pro-Lifers also started our petition showing our support. We are overwhelming more in numbers. Face Book has over 215,000 members in a group called “support Tebow’s super bowl Ad” The Choice groups don’t even have 1000. Thank you America for showing us that we are overwhelmingly PROLIFE and hopefully one day we will overturn Roe vs. Wade.
    the question: how do you feel about the Tim Tebow Ad.

  5. Seth says:

    I see Tim Tebow being a runningback. It’s gonna be like a Joshua Cribbs situation where he goes from quarterback to something fast with a wildcat quarterback.

  6. Travoiz says:

    Jay Cutler looks like a twig. I think I might be able to tackle him myself.

    Tim Tebow is built like a brick sh*thouse. He’s a fullback playing QB. If I tried to tackle him, I’d be knocked unconscious.

    And yet they’re listed at:

    Cutler: 6’3, 233 lbs
    Tebow: 6’3, 236 lbs


  7. lucasg615 says:

    First the Broncos get rid of Jay Cutler then Brandon Marshall and now Kyle Orton. Is Tim Tebow ready to be an elite Quarterback? I am not so convinced after watching him play last year. The NFL is not College, where you are playing against less talented players. The NFL is the best of the best, and 300lb linemen often out run Quarterbacks and put damaging hits on them.

  8. Jeremy Xargor is my gamertag says:

    Here’s what I mean, they overhype her and then appeal her like a goddess in the music industry as well as a saint and little miss perfect. The do it just because she does have talent to some extent, but mainly because of her looks. Tim Tebow, as most of u guys probably know is considered by the media to be like the god of College football as well as a saint and is considered to be the greatest football on earth by the media.

  9. Cole says:

    I know a lot of people don’t like it when Tim Tebow prays during a game or when he openly expresses his faith in Jesus Christ. But isn’t that allowed under free speech?

  10. Rassling Fundamentals says:

    Troy Davis was a black guy that shot and killed a cop (gee, what’s new). Tim Tebow, as most of us know by now, is a white guy with morals, yet the media has a field day making fun of him. Would they like him better if he owed back child support and committed a few crimes?

  11. Jonathan says:

    If tim tebow is still a virgin after 4 years at UF as a star qb with the girls they have at that school he is a twink. he looks like one of those conservative christian preachers who sleeps with guys on the side. and as we all know he doesn’t have the talent of a 3rd string NFL qb.

  12. Mc L says:

    I live in Florida and I’ve always been a gators fan. I think Tim Tebow is a great college player and a great guy. But I always thought he was a little overrated and would do pretty bad in the NFL. Also I don’t think he will be drafted early. I was thinking maybe 2nd round to the Jaguars. How good do you think he will be and when do you think he’ll be drafted?

  13. Franklin Bluth says:

    Newton vs Tebow? If Denver takes Cam Newton in round one will he atart over Tebow? Forget Orton in this discussion. Who is a better Qb Tebow or Newton? And is Cam Newton really bigger than Tim Tebow?

  14. Courtney says:

    Fla. Gators quarterback, Tim Tebow, always has a Bible verse painted on his face for games. It changes with each game.I can see that this week it is from Philippians, but I can’t see the chapter and verse.

  15. Cole says:

    I am in the process of making a highlight reel for a sports segment on Tim Tebow for my media class. What would be a good song to put over his highlights. I would like something that is epic, and something that could involve being clutch, being a champion ect. Thanks!

  16. supernerd567 says:

    How much more will ESPN hug the balls of Tim Tebow? God this guy sucks. Someone needs to break his legs and then we’ll see how good he is!

  17. Agent 47 says:

    Please note the keyword is HELP. He does NOT think God is 100 percent responsible.

    Who is ultimately responsible for everything in the universe? God. Who gave Tim Tebow his talent? God.

    God is omniscient and he has a plan for everyone, so why mock Tim Tebow?

  18. Spider Pc says:

    The Tim Tebow stance is pretty famous now, and he makes it obvious that he is Christian. He is also fine with praying for something as trivial as a football game. Do you think he does this as a self-righteous show for the cameras or is it actually just genuine unselfish prayer?

  19. Benihana says:

    Tim tebow is the greatest ever and i love the shirts people have (about superman, he15man, and tebowners,) i want to know where i can get one.

  20. Kaylla says:

    I am seeing that many people do not think tim tebow is going to have an nfl career. He has won championships and also the heisman trophy which is the highest honor you can get in college football. I just am seeing it confusing that other quarterbacks like mccoy are getting more attention but not has done as much as tebow. What is wrong with tim tebow?

  21. arronwrath says:

    So I like Tim tebow, I like what he did. I think it would be a kinda good idea so when peytons done Tim tebow comes
    In (young age) and he’s been working with him, or do you think he would want a trade?

  22. Christopher J says:

    Cam Newton is at Houston, Houston has such a solid defense, their Defensive coordinator is in the hospital so they might wanna play extra hard for him. Tim Tebow has the Patriots in Denver and they have struggled on defense. I’m stuck!!!

  23. tjpimpin says:

    Here’s what I mean, they overhype her and then appeal her like a goddess in the music industry as well as a saint and little miss perfect. The do it just because she does have talent to some extent, but mainly because of her looks. Tim Tebow, as most of u guys probably know is considered by the media to be like the god of College football as well as a saint and is considered to be the greatest football on earth by the media.

  24. Krazy Bob says:

    Maybe a starving kid has strong faith in Jesus and prays to God every day for a small blessing at the very least, but seldom gets any help.

    Why would God pay more attention to Tim Tebow but not this child?

  25. Noe R says:

    All anyone wants to talk about is how great Tim Tebow is. But “the greatest college football player in history” PROBABLY won’t even go in the first round in the draft. How does that work?

  26. Gage says:

    From his difficult childbirth to his pro football career, Tim Tebow has to confront many obstacles. He is clear that his faith substains him through difficult times.

  27. Scorch Delta-62 says:

    We all know the Broncos are winning in spite of Tim Tebow due to their defense and running game right?

  28. homerliveshere says:

    Seriously, remember this post because Tim Tebow is going to win the superbowl for the Jaguars. I can’t wait to hear John Elway’s reaction. Probably he will try to claim he was totally against trading Tim Tebow away (even though we all know he is the engine behind the Peyton aquisition).

  29. norrin_shadowwolf says:

    Now that Tom Brady has lost his top 4 targets from last year:
    Wes Welker
    Rob Gronkowski
    Aaron Hernandez
    Brandon Lloyd

    Is Tim Tebow’s role on the Patriots ever more important now? Will he be able to play the TE position do you think?

  30. Jason M says:

    The jersey is not embroidered but rather stitched and sewn. I have two so I’m thinking about selling one. And if you aren’t already aware, Tim Tebow is the qb for the Florida Gators and is the reigning Heisman Trophy winner

  31. Armas says:

    AFC West needs to have their franchises fined for allowing Tim Tebow to win the division. I know my panthers were bad last year but they would’ve never let Tebow win their division

  32. Praveen says:

    Their season is over for the most part, so why can’t Tim Tebow get his shot? What is so great about Sanchez throwing picks and running into his own linesman to create a fumble?
    How can you make things much worse if they’re going to probably lose anyways?
    Wow, I didn’t know they were paying that much for Sanchez… They’re clearly getting ripped off!

  33. fattiemanny says:

    I looked at various mock drafts and saw Tim Tebow going round 2 or round 3, are they right?

  34. Ramblin Spirit says:

    I read one article in, reading that it is not likely for tim tebow time to start as McDaniels has suggested that. I don’t understand why he did that. Is it fair in your eyes? Hope I can help Tebow find his time by calling more people to support him in this way.

  35. zigg3ns says:

    I think Tim Tebow maybe would have only lost by 30 instead of the 45 they lost by today.

    LOL. Nice team ya got there Denver.

  36. Gabriel Kenney says:

    I think that at best Tim Tebow will be similar to Roethlisberger. A strong, quick managing QB who can make throws when it matters. I don’t think that Tebow will be as good as Peyton Manning, Aaron Rodgers, or Tom Brady because those guys can career games and their teams expect them to put up close to 4,000 passing yards and 40 touchdowns each season.

  37. Myles says:

    I admit to knowing almost nothing about sports.

    So I ventured that Tim Tebow wasn’t throwing the ball where he was supposed to be throwing it lately.
    Some people reacted negatively.

    Is that statement incorrect?

  38. Samuro says:

    I want a Tim Tebow figurine that has a removable football uniform from Florida Gators and maybe a Denver Broncos uniform. Or, could you tell me how and who to tell (a company/manufacture) to make this figurine. Thanks for your help.
    Remember that this Tim Tebow figurine that I am looking for is “realistic”.

  39. Salam says:

    Florida QB Tim Tebow is very athletic, powerful and strong. After being trained to fight could he win against a guy like Kimbo Slice?

  40. henryshensbcglobalnet says:

    Mine: The only way to stop Tim Tebow is to nail down his hands and feet.
    BTW: I am not discrediting what Tebow has done. In fact, I would call myself a fan. I just want to hear the jokes.

  41. Keegan says:

    I bet he’s better than some of the guys who have starting jobs right now.
    Also he has won a playoff game, and I bet if he took over for some of the guys like Kap, Newton or Wilson he would do better. Don’t say Kap is a good passer, look at who he is throwing to. Also Tebow would be a more powerful running QB than Kap. Also if Newton was better than Tebow, why didn’t Newton break Tebow’s single season SEC records. Why didn’t Newton beat out Tebow’s starting QB job at Florida. That proves a point. Tim Tebow is a good QB, the NFL is just bias because of his Christian beliefs and I think that John Elway ruined Tebow’s career by signing Manning. I mean it was a smart move, but I think if they kept Tebow they would still would be a good team. Also the Jets instead of starting Tebow, they let Sanchez suck it up and then get rid of Tebow and Sign Geno Smith who is no better than Sanchez. My case in point is Tebow is not as bad as people say.
    Why Tebow haters. Prove to me that Tebow Sucks then.
    I think you guys hate Tebow so much becasue the media focuses more attention to him. He is a role model unlike Newton who steals a laptop.
    So your saying Blaine Gabbart is better than Tebow? You both are trash football fans.
    Also Cancer Guy, I do know that Kapernick isn’t no better of a passer than Tebow. Kapernick is throwing to Vernon Davis, Manningham, and Anqaun Boldwin. Yes Anqaun Boldwin who carried a Ravens Offense a year ago. If Kapernick played on a team like Browns or Bucs he wouldn’t even be near as good. Also Russell Wilson woulnd’t be a pro bowl if he played on a team like the Bucs or Browns.
    2006Florida Gators14223366.735851201.70894698
    2007Florida Gators1323435066.93,286326172.51321089523
    2008Florida Gators1419229864.42,747304172.41517667312
    2009Florida Gators1421330470.12,895215155.62521791014
    Those are his college stats.

  42. mmminja says:

    I mean, in college he was supposedly the best QB (and my favorite besides for Brandon Weedin). But now that he is in the NFL, he is no doing good. (and he lost to my favorite QB RG3). I mean whats going on. I know that from college to NFL is a big jump but still. Theres all this controversy over Tim Tebow. My question is, why is Tim Tebow doing so bad?

  43. Austin says:

    My my dad absolutly LOVES Tim Tebow and swears that the kid can do no wrong, But I honestly think he’s over-rated and not that all he’s cracked up to be….. ESPN talks about him like he’s a GOD or something….. I’m I the only one who think’s Tebow is overated? One does have to remember that Urban Meyer was a winner with ALEX SMITH too! and we all know how good Smith is in the NFL >.<
    I kind of see Tebow as a Michael Vick type of QB he seems to look to use his legs before his arm I could be wrong but, that's what I see.

  44. jdubdoubleu7704 says:

    Hi, I’m Australian and I’m just curious as to why Tim Tebow is tipped to go late first round or early second round. All I’ve heard over here is how good Tim Tebow is and how he won the Heisman and could have won two etc. So if he’s so good, why isn’t he being touted as a top 5 pick?

  45. Mackenzie P says:

    Very Christian like John!!!!

  46. Patrick says:

    what has tim tebow done to earn so much popularity?

  47. toysruslover says:

    Which companies pay Tebow for endorsements?

  48. Boo Cookie says:

    hey i was just wandering lol when tim tebow get drafting to the nfl wut team u think he will play for and will he be just great as he now in floridia gators how u think he will do when he get drafted

  49. ScRSC says:

    So what happened with Tim Tebow and voting? Why is it such a big deal?

    I don’t follow football to much.. but i have seen this around alot
    Ok i see…

    Do you guys think it really was a mistake or do you think he just panicked?? lol
    Ok so it was a mistake….

    Thanks for the answers

  50. Xavier Hawthorne says:

    The way I see it is Tim Tebow and Kim Kardashian are very popular for different reasons. But, they both have a ton of fans that follow them. Tebow fans even created Broncos jerseys with his number and “Jesus” for his name. Kim is just a high maintenance so-called reality star that people wish they could be because of the amount of money she and her family make.

    My point is that, since they both have a huge, gigantic fan base, they should team up for a reality series or start dating. But, Kim is horrible with relationships. Look at how long her latest marriage lasted. 72 days. I don’t think Tebowmania will continue much longer. I think he will become another overrated quarterback like Peyton and Eli Manning, Drew Brees and Tom Brady. The best people are the underrated ones that aren’t talked about much.

    Who thinks it would work sticking Kim Kardashian and Tim Tebow in the same room for a while just to see what happens and how long it would last?


    He ended the season with the higher QB rating than Sam Bradford, in my opinoin in the 3 games Tebow started he showed he was better than bradfrod. Tebow had a come from behind victory, almost had a second one in last game of the season. Had over 300 yards passing in one game had about 100 yards rushing in one game,
    Tebow in the 3 games he started was on a 1,000 yard rushing pace and a 3,400 yards passing pace. If he started all 16 games may of had a been threat to Mike Vick Rushing yards record.
    Tim Tebow is a winner, he scores touchdowns and is a great leader. He will prove it if you let him start all 16 games

  52. fattiemanny says:

    They’re the best quaterbacks in college football!!! theyre wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy better than matt stafford and mark sanchez. in my opinion, i think if these guys(tim, sam, colt) enterd the draft, Matt stafford and mark sanchez would not even be talked about.
    Thanks to everybody who answers!!

  53. airdogspace2 says:

    According to many analysts Tim Tebow is (or is certainly in the top 5 ) the best player in college football. Many praise what Tebow has been able to do during his stay at Florida. If this is so, how come Todd McShay and Mel Kiper have him going late first-round or second round?

  54. Gabriel Kenney says:

    Why Tim did not play start 16game?…. let i see Tim Tebow need stay start play 16game become best skill QB without release.

    Jets doesn’t start again.
    Den were won bit good but trade early again.
    Screw in nfl team?.

  55. Kobe says:

    ..After Aaron Hernandez was cut from the Patriots? I think that the Patriots offense will be worse than last year because Hernandez’s style of play was what made Pats offensive unpredictable and gave a unique advantage in tight spots.

    Now that he has the chance, can Tebow step up for Tom Brady as a reciever?

  56. XplicitzZ says:

    Before you laugh it makes sense.

    The CFL is a pass happy fast paced league with skill level above the NCAA (a large amount of NCAA grads who are on the verge of the NFL). If Tim Tebow could prove that he can survive with his horrible pass mechanics and in a league were power running is an after thought he would prove he is ready to be a NFL QB. Lets face it any team that signs him at the moment will be a gimmick sign AKA Jacksonville signing him to fill the seats or other teams willing to sign him as a TE/FB. If Tebow really wants to develop he needs to play on a lower level team that does not have a SYSTEM set up for him.

    Thoughts, comments, enraged Floridians?

  57. fattiemanny says:

    Lets see… We only have 24 players that went ahead of him in the draft. Some teams we’re not even concidering him at all. In my opinion, Denver only picked him because they had some draft picks to burn, and already solid players. WHY don’t we hear more about these players over him?? He must have beer flavored something… Lets see… we have ndamukong suh who is probably the best defensive player to enter the draft in 20 years. Why isn’t he on the front page of the news??? I just don’t get what Tebow has? Can someone explain the weak hype to me?

  58. Harriet W says:

    Your opinion on how Tim Tebow will do as an NFL player

  59. Cliffy N says:

    I think Tim Tebow has a very good chance to become a member of another team in the NFL.

    What are your opinions?

  60. Muzahid says:

    I guess I don’t follow as much football as the next guy. But I don’t understand the entire NFL fascination with Tim Tebow?

    I understand he’s got all the potential in the world, and is now only given a chance? So why do all mentions of his name by analyst usually followed by a laugh? Is he just the flavor of the month?

  61. kewlflame14 says:

    who is a better overall Qb cam newton or tim tebow
    now dont just pick because you like one or the other.
    pick because of the facts

  62. Kaden says:

    How can people say that Tim Tebow is OVERRATED when there is noone giving him any respect.Everybody says he can’t pass only run.To be overrated doesn’t someone other than your fans have to hype you up.I am a Gator fan and of course we all love Tebow and think and hope he will be great,but nobody else is even talking about him.So how can you say OVERRATED?
    Hey JR I am also from Lakeland High and know very well what Tebow did in HS.He ran all over Armwood in the finals.And now we get Chris Rainey and the Pouncey twins to help him out that is going to be great.GO NAUGHTS’
    Edit part 2:
    Hey KWALKER,when Leak got to Florida Grossman was already gone.Ingle Martin was the starting QB for about a half a game.

  63. JackReynolds says:

    im a huge gator fan and i love tim tebow. but everyone keeps ragging on me about how he shouldnt have one the heisman. why shouldnt he have? if he shouldnt have won it then who should have?

  64. sarah w says:

    i think he will start and he should he has shown everybdoy he can change his throwing motion and has improved very fast! and he is competing with brady quinn i’m pretty sure so do you think he will start as a rookie for the denver broncos and please no comments about how tebow sucks and stuff because he is one of the greatest qb’s EVER!!!

  65. Adam says:

    Who else is liek me and is very happy Tim Tebow won the heisman

  66. musicistabest says:

    Where do you believe Tebow will be drafted to, and what round will it be?

    P.S. This is just something i want to say, I am a vikings fan, and i do realize that we have been getting a lot of heat in this selection, mostly due to a few select people, i just want everyone to realize that not all vikings fans are like this, peace.

  67. nmlpc says:

    Did you know Tim Tebow led nfl with most touchdowns per touch with players with atleast 10 total touchdowns, Tim Tebow scored a touchdown 1 out every 11 touches, 2nd was Tom Brady with 1 out of 14
    just to compare
    Tim Tebow scored a touchdown 1 out every 11 touches
    Tom Brady scored a touchdown 1 out of every 14 touches
    Mike Vick scored a touchdown 1 out every 16 touches
    Kyle Orton scored a touchdown 1 out every 26 touches
    Sam Bradford scored a touchdown 1 out of every 32 touches

    Tim Tebow had a 11 total touchdowns with his limited play

  68. _marky_mark_ says:

    We have all seen what vince did to USC and is doing right now with the Titans. Also what Tebow is doing right now in college. Who do you guys think is better?

  69. Christopher J says:

    In listening to the 1st Round, I wondered if character played more in Tim Tebow’s drafting by the Broncos than ”supposed” skill? (in light of all the character flaws being highlighted by a certain Steeler’s QB for example). Perhaps Broncos’ management liked Tim’s presumed resume of supposed good character. Hats off to him, as it’s not easy to garner a good character resume.

    As far as getting drafted in the Top 5 or 10:
    ♣ I’ve noticed that just because a guy gets drafted in the top 5 does NOT mean he’s an automatic superstar. Ex: Jamarcus Russell. (This observation is not meant to disparage Russell in any way, merely making an example of how he’s not become the next great QB right out of the proverbial box. Yet! One never knows later on.


    As for Tebow getting drafted by the Broncos, it was reported that Tebow has an “odd release” in his throw but that does not mean he can’t throw! Let him work that out.

    Fans, what is it SPECIFICALLY about Tebow’s release that would hamper him on the pro field?
    • timing with pro receivers?
    • too much time in the pocket DUE to his release? … ….what are we talking, an extra-millisecond or at the most a couple seconds?
    • is it a strength for Tim to stick with his own unique throwing pattern, after all it got him into the pros right?

    • how soon could Tebow actually replace starter K. Orton? Or will he remain in the gutter depths at #4 also behind Brady Quinn and Brandstater for the next two years?

  70. Roar me R says:

    Why do people hate Tim Tebow just for being Christian but love Michael Vick when he commits crimes?
    Haters need to get a life.

  71. Matthew says:

    So I sit here and listen to all you people who obviously dont watch much of tim tebow, he has throw for 25 td and only 2 picks and has 12 rushing touchdowns. That ridiculous and remember he plays in the SEC where there is such thing as a defense, can anyone name a good defense in the Big Ten, ummm no. And go look at the passing attempts Tebow has 246, while Graham Harrel has thrown 568 times and Mccoy has thrown 375. Graham Harrel played against one decent defense all year in Oklahoma and tell me how that game turned out.

    People keep saying that Tebow is not a good pocket passer and that just makes me laugh, because youre talking about last years Tim Tebow not this year. Go back and watch some of Tebows highlights this year and maybe that will change your mind quit saying he sucks when nobody has actually watched him this year, If he sucks so bad than how come everybody on NFL live says he will be one of the best quarterback when he comes into the NFL, and for all you people who say oh but he cant run over linebackers when he gets into the NFL, shut up, I think he knows that and running is now a last resort for him sitting back in the pocket is his first, So for all you people who are in love with these Big 12 quarterbacks just stop cuz it will be Tebow hosting the trophy once again, So have fun watching another SEC team win once again

  72. Jason says:

    Don’t you think saying that, he is being persecuted for his faith is an insult to the millions of people who have been persecuted for their faith, some to the point of death.?

    Tebow’s ‘persecution’ has done nothing but bring him attention. he has become more popular and his good deeds and character are being recognized. true persecution hurts. true persecution for ones beliefs leaves them wounded, often lonely and dejected. right?
    BTW: Tds are not from me; just you know.

  73. Bryant B says:

    For school in Journalism I’m doing a project on Tim Tebow, and I’d like to know what everyone thinks about him and the recent trade.

  74. evangldbrg says:

    Take a look at this article, released September 23rd, 2011:

    Here is a quote from that article – Tim’s words, not mine. ‘Well, I want to be a quarterback. I believe I can be; I believe I will be. And I’ve just got to keep working at that,” Tebow said. ”But if I can help the team in another way, that’s what I’m here for. You know, we’re all football players first.”

    From the looks of it, whoever brought this silly internet petition to the White House never laid eyes on this article. They all demand Tim to be signed with the hopes of him becoming a starter. That is a big difference from demanding him to JUST be signed to a roster itself. That is a big difference from demanding him to become employed again. These people (I’m going to assume college kids) simply want to have their cake and eat it too.

    So what happened to Tim between that time and the present? Did the win against Pittsburgh get to his head? Did he feel invincible again for the first time since his college days? Did he become selfish? There are MORE ways you could help a team other than being a starting quarterback. Tim knew that – maybe not now, but he once did. Maybe he started to believe the paparazzi and the attention following him around. What happened in the last 20 months or so is anyone’s guess. Why won’t he be willing to play another position where he can help his team? What do you guys think?
    Chaos, re-read. I’m calling him a liar and a hypocrite based NOT on the petition, but on what he said in the article I posted. THAT Tebow, the one who insisted he would do anything to help his team, regardless of position, does not share a similar mindset to THIS Tebow of 2013. His views have changed, and for what? Because he beat a bunch of bottom feeders and had a fluke game against the Steelers? Then he looks like straight trash the following week against a team who ranked 31st in passing yards allowed per game. You KNOW Pittsburgh was a fluke.
    Chaos: He didn’t actually say he would only be on a team for that reason, but I believe that was his mentality as he was a 1st round draft pick – then and now. I think he really believed he had a chance to compete with Mark when the Jets signed him, or at least DESERVED one based on what he did for Denver, in spite of what Rex might have thought of him. When he realized Rex was never putting him in, he continued to do what he could to help in other areas, but he was frustrated. He didn’t want to say anything so to not be seen as a whiner or complainer. But you and I both know he was fuming.

    If teams wanted a backup QB, even I don’t think I could name 64 combined starters and backups who would give their teams a better chance to win than Tim Tebow. But I’m starting to wonder: is it really just the media circus that is the reason for teams not wanting him, or will he simply not accept a position change?

    As for the playoff game, sure it was a fluke. Pittsburgh underest

  75. Denali says:

    I heard he got hurt… IS he going to be okay?

  76. Stevalicious says:

    and say “un-named sources” If you don’t have the B A L L S to report the people’s names, then the story isn’t worth the paper it was printed on. Regardless, if I was Tim Tebow, I would DEMAND a trade. What the Jets organization has done for him is a JOKE…Why did they even bring him in, if they never intended to play him? If it’s just for Jersey sales, they should admit to that.. Am I wrong?

  77. fattiemanny says:


    In light of the fact that the Broncos beat the visiting Jets, who brought with them (some say) is a superior quarterback in Mark Sanchez, who is comfortable in the TRADITIONAL NFL quarterback position where we see the typical stand-in-the-pocket-QBert, zinging slants, outs, fades, corner-routes, and deep-bombs until the proverbial cows come home, [cud all gooey and stinky] we were all left gafawing, gawking, and generally aghast at the fact that with .58 seconds remaining, Timmy Tebeau/Tebo (come on French Americans, we KNOW he is hiding his French-ness) saved the proverbial day, AND a city, with that great run into the endzone to seal the win for Denver’s Bronco faithful!

    That said,

    Q 1. Who will win next week in Minneapolis, when the Vikings host the Broncos: The Denver Tebows or the Minnie Vikes?

    Q 2. How long will Tebow & his Option prevail:
    a) only this season,
    b) only until they face the Bears in two weeks,
    c) the Tebow Option is dead, or
    e) the Option is the Future of the NFL QB

    Q 3. How close is The Option to the NCAA Wildcat?

    Q 4. Will Tebow physically and mentally WILL THE Option to be the next NFL Quarterback Revolution whereby we will begin to see hundreds upon thousands of Future Timmy Tebows running The Option, from PeeWee ball to The Big House College Game, a-la-The-Florida-Gators?
    Q 1. edit: …who will win next week IN San Diego, when the Bolts host the Horses……
    BTW: sorry to the folks who have short-attention spans. This read is for guys/gals who have the patience to r-e-a-d more than one sentence.

  78. kewlflame14 says:

    Obviously I’m assuming Tebow is drafted, but he will be.

    Who do you think is a better fit for their respective professional sport?

    Hansbrough for the NBA, or Tebow for the NFL?

  79. Andre says:

    Do you think Tim Tebow could succeed in the NFL at another position?

  80. Armas says:

    After Saturday nights SEVEN TD performance by Tim Tebow, how can anybody make a legitimate argument for anybody else to win the Heisman ? Sure Dixon is amazing, but just compare his stats to Tebows. If there werent dropped balls by receivers, #15 would have TEN td’s on the night. Who are your top three Heisman candidates?

  81. John G says:

    I want some personal opinions on how you guys think Tim Tebow did this Sunday? Honestly I get tired of hearing if Tim Tebow gets to much credit. I mean come on he has the Broncos leading the AFC West. So please post your opinions

  82. heavenly sword says:

    Now don’t get me wrong, i think tim tebow is a great athetlic, a winner an a good football player, but its just hard for me to believe that a guy who people said wouldn’t even been drafted in his position, as the greatest QB ever. Now Correct me if im wrong Tebow is a DUAL THREAT qb? well if you ask me hes nothing more than a poor mans micheal vick and peyton manning put together, basically a B passing QB and a B running QB and in the NFL they want A level Scrambling QB(vince young/ micheal vick) or passing QBs(peyton,) am I wrong?

  83. _marky_mark_ says:

    I keep hearing about this Tim Tebow character who got pimped out by Tom Brady. Who is he? A prostitute?

  84. whitesoxfan2347 says:

    I’m really not a huge football fan, but whenever I hear news and rumors about Tim Tebow, it’s always negative. All I know he was traded from the Broncos to the Jets, and most recently released by them.

  85. Tyler H says:

    Maybe Tim Tebow can stop claiming that Jesus is helping him win football games.

  86. stephen m says:

    He showed what he could do in the 2011 season when he made it to the divisional playoffs (even though he lost to NE, but it’s NE). All that Tebow hype

    I don’t know why the jets picked him up to be a bench warmer. I think he has a lot of potential that the jets are wasting.

  87. Paul M says:

    I just need a COMPLETE list of Tim Tebows rankings on Madden 11 on PS3. PLEASE HELP!!!!!

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