Published On: Sat, Jul 20th, 2013

Twitter Symbols And Abbreviations Make New Lingo

Twitter symbols and abbreviations

As Twitter becomes an increasing number of standard and users attempt to study the ins and outs of using it, they would possibly come across completely different symbols, some of which might be unknown to them.

we all know the # stands for a hashtag and is used when something is trending or has the potential to trend. but do you know what the most popular symbols on Twitter imply?

Mashable got here up with an interesting guide to what they name “Twitter Lingo”.

@ used to point anyone’s deal with or Twitter name. an identical idea as that used for e-mail addresses.

# the pound signal, as indicated, is used to emphasize an event, emotion, or person. Used widely on Twitter and now fb has additionally adopted it.

^ the caret or hat, is used when there are several people using the identical account, as in a business. on the finish of the Tweet the name of the person tweeting would be brought after the emblem. (^PD).

$ The buck sign is used on Twitter prior to a company’s shortened stock market name/code as a kind of monetary hashtag.

Now to one of the best abbreviations on Twitter, which can also be much like those used in texting.

AFAIK “as far as i know.”

CC “carbon reproduction.” Used with an @ mention, it is used to deliver a Tweet to somebody’s consideration.

CX “Correction.”

DM Direct message or private message. When any person tweets DM me, it means send me a personal message.

FF “follow Friday,” a approach to provide an endorsement or shout out to different Twitter users via suggesting that folks practice them. A recognition to your followers.

HT some instances H/T, “hat tip” is a option to provide a polite nod to the person who initially shared content material you’re tweeting. just like giving somebody a “by the use of”.HT will probably be followed by using an @ mention giving a namecheck. mmon definition, but is just about the identical sentiment.ICYMI

MM “song Monday” used to be a popular technique to counsel song you had been at present playing or artist recommendations. It isn’t used frequently, but in the event you see it, that’s what it manner.

MT Modified tweet. When changing an authentic tweet within a retweet, usually because of space restrictions. One must be inventive with 140 characters.

NSFW “not secure for work.” may be inappropriate or picture content.

OH “Overheard.” Used to seek advice from a humorous or eyebrow-elevating remark.

PRT “Partial retweet”. a method of letting people know you’ve edited a tweet. might also imply “please retweet.”

RLRT “actual existence retweet. just like OH, RLRT is used while you tweet a quote from any individual “in actual life.”

RT “Retweet”. choosing the choice allowed by Twitter to RT. from time to time finished manually, at the beginning of the unique tweet.

SMH “shaking my head”. Is used to specific puzzlement at any individual’s comment.

TFTF “Thanks for the observe.”

TIL “nowadays I learned…”

TLDR “Too long; didn’t learn.” Used jokingly or as an insult. watch out.

TMB “Tweet me back.”

TQRT “Thanks for the retweet.”

TT “Translated twee”. A warning that an authentic tweet has been translated to a different language.

W/ “With.”

a few of these could be evident, however it’s worthwhile to sit there, staring at the screen for a very long time trying to figure out what one of the most abbreviations imply. i do know I’ve finished it and frequently end up asking.

you may also need to shop this at hand record, to test up while you see that bizarre abbreviation

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  1. Franklin Bluth says:

    Ok, so I want more followers, but what sort of things should I tweet to like, make people want to follow me. Something to do with Justin Bieber would be good. Thanks

    No nasty comments please :)

  2. slipknot0129 says:

    When I tweet a message to my friend’s twitter page, my tweet always show up on my twitter page. Why is that and will my followers/friends still respond?

  3. Joey 01 says:

    how do i get a celebrity to tweet me back that has less than 10,000 followers so it will be possible.

  4. krow147 says:

    It’s my birthday on the 18th (Friday) and I really want a tweet from Lea Michele. She’s my idol and so pretty and talented and amazing. I am prepared to do anything!! Just one tweet would be a dream come true :)
    Btw if you want to help me get a tweet, my Twitter is @ForeverFinchelx and Lea’s is @msleamichele
    Thank you
    Izzy x

  5. mike s says:

    Okay so on my iPhone 4S, I have the twitter app. My phone vibrates all the time, when I get a tweet and it’s so annoying. It vibrates at least once every five minutes and I don’t know how to stop it. Is there a way to stop my twitter notifications vibrating, but keep the vibration for when I get a text or a call?

  6. Le Pwner says:

    How can I track the location of a tweet that was tweeted from an iPhone or iPod Touch? Is it possible?

  7. Johnky J says:

    One of my friends tweeted on their cell phone. it was a long tweet (over 140 characters), and usually twitter stops you and it doesn’t let you finish the tweet. but that didn’t happened because she was on her cell. it still got tweeted, but since it was over 140 tweets, it ended with ‘…’
    How can i finish reading it? is there a website or something that will let me see the whole tweet?

  8. addmeonxbox360myuserisfallior says:

    I want to tweet Edge a question, but I don’t want to be annoying. I already tweeted him on Sunday, and on Monday. I just didn’t want to be annoying.
    He responded to my tweet on Sunday, but not on Monday.

  9. Coffee t says:

    I want to see an old tweet but it stops uploading more tweets once I get to a certain amount. Anyway I can get past this and see the really old tweets?

  10. Scott W says:

    Like this,

    A nice big gap inbetween my tweet, I have tried making it on word and copying and pasting, but that doesn’t work! when I send the tweet it just goes back to normal and mushes it all together again. Let me know, thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  11. PIE BOY says:

    Tweet @twilight is doing a contest and the winner gets a call from a cast member of twilight and it says to @twilight this i’ve seen neww moon __ time but whats the number you send it to if your using a mobile phone please help?

  12. Cliffy N says:

    I work for a nonprofit and I’m trying to set up something where a visitor can automatically tweet a specific phrase from our blog. For example

    “One in two men will get cancer in their lifetime” Tweet this fact now.

    Anyone know of any widgets or other ways to do this?

  13. cardskid22 says:

    I want to get my tweet posted on television, but I have no idea how to do so. Please walk me through the process, 10 points will be gladly rewarded.

  14. Rishabh Bajpai says:

    I’ve never sent a direct message. If my tweet count is 30, and I send someone a direct message, will my tweet count then be 31?

  15. brincks26 says:

    I child I visit in hospital has leukaemia, shes very young and idolizes a certain singer (whom is apparently not extremely well known). she has a drawing of this singer she drew and it would lighten up her day if she knew this singer saw her tweet, im trying to help her out with how to word it, but I need some help.

  16. BRUTE says:

    This is a hypothetical legal question:

    Assume a public figure tweets several tweets that are deemed controversial, they each receive 100+ retweets, so they are publicly visible and the extent of that visibility isn’t an issue, that is easily proven. Assume someone takes screenshots of each tweet. The public figure later deletes that twitter account removing it and all tweets from public view.

    Can the screenshots of the tweets be published in a newspaper or on a website without legal repercussion on the basis that they were publicly visible or would this be illegal as the tweets are now deleted?

  17. Roar me R says:

    I want to tweet my favorite band and ask if the lead singer/guitar player will do a quick cover of a song by another artist. How do I phrase it without it sounding weird? Is “Hey Mike, can you please do an acoustic cover of this song by this artist?” Too blunt?

  18. Michael says:

    I wanted to delete my tweet, but it still is there everytime I look at it! I click the little garbage and it leaves, but then its back next time i look!

  19. Mark M says:

    How do I include the little symbol pictures in my tweet?

  20. Willie says:

    My favourite celebrity has over 400,000 twitter followers and I am determined to get a tweet from him. Any ideas of what to do or say to get him to tweet back?

  21. JimT says:

    I know how to send a tweet with the @ before the person’s screen name. And I know that your tweet gets posted to your Twitter page. But can’t seem to get my tweets to get posted to people’s Twitter page. I’ve tried to come back after some time to that person’s page & my tweet still doesn’t show.

  22. Rishi says:

    If I reply to someone else’s Tweet with @somebody… it’s part of my Twitter stream, even if mainly intended for the other Twitterer. My blog has a Twitter badge which displays my latest few Tweets. This includes the @responses. How can I lose these, they’re totally out of context? I imagine some tweak to the java script, but I don’t know enough about that. Thanks.

  23. PolishPokeyPimp says:

    I have a private account on twitter and I noticed it said open at the end of my tweet what does that mean is it public?

  24. Courtney says:

    So yeah how do you get them to notice your tweet because i’ve tried like 10000000000 times and it never seem that they see them

  25. kewlflame14 says:

    I was just wondering how to send a tweet to your phone without having internet on your phone? Could you send it through a text message? If so then how?? Thank you!

  26. Rassling Fundamentals says:

    I’ve tweeted celebrities and while some non famous NFL players have replied I’m trying to up the anty. Right now I’m trying to get some Olympians to follow me, especially Mckayla Maroney. Of course them replying to a tweet would be step 1 but I would like the opportunity to DM them. So if anyone has any insight on how to make this happen please help!

  27. jdfan says:

    People are always saying they hit their “tweet limit.” It’s never happened to me. I was just wondering if there is a certain amount of tweets you get an hour or day or something.

  28. balinderk2000 says:

    I just want to know if that means they’ll see the Tweet, or does it just put a link to their Twitter account?

  29. JDOGG1122 says:

    I want to tweet at some celebrities by using the @’username’ thing. But my friend tweeted me using that method, and I either didnt get it, or dont know how to view it. Is that the correct way to tweet directly at someone, and if it is, then how do you view the tweets people send to you?

  30. Mathew says:

    I have tweeted to some of my favorite celebrities, hoping that I tweeted to their actual account and not some imposter, and they won’t tweet me back. I have seen that they have tweeted back to many other followers, but none of them will tweet me back. What do I do?

  31. jdfan says:

    Can I tweet in English or do I need to tweet in Arab?

  32. Cole says:

    How do you tweet them at the concert and it shows what seat and row you’re in at the arena?! I don’t get it at all, and I really want them to sing happy birthday to my friend.

  33. Tyler H says:

    I have been trying to get Bret Michaels & Kim Kardashian to tweet me back on twitter. But they will not respond. What can I do to have them respond?! Thank You!

  34. nathan says:

    Im always seeing One Direction read off tweets at there concerts but how do you tweet them? and then they read it and how do they pick whos to read?

  35. Sriram R says:

    Please help. Sometimes my budgie starts to tweet at random times and also sometimes flaps his wings.
    Also what do I need to know about breeding budgies?
    Sorry I forgot to add that he is always out of his cage when he does it.
    And he is alone.

  36. steve says:

    I am following this person. Do I put quotation marks “@username” or do I just send the tweet without quotation marks

    @username then the update or the tweet

  37. Mark M says:

    I have been trying to tweet someone on twitter, but they never reply. I think I might be doing it wrong somehow. Can someone please tell me how to tweet? Thanks.

  38. Rkmc says:

    I want to get alerts when only certain people tweet. Is there anyway I can set this up (on my computer) ?

  39. vanvark83 says:

    I saw it today with this rap groups website, and I am trying to find out how they did it for my own promotional purposes. I hope someone can shed light on what I am asking.

    IF you aren’t clear, when you click on this particular website it automatically makes you follow the guys in the group and automatically tweet the url of the website.

  40. Jairo says:

    I want to send a Tweet to my friend and I want ALL people who follow my friend to get an alert of that same tweet. The people that follow my friend do not currently follow me though. Is this possible. I want to send a tweet to my friend and I also want that same tweet to be automatically broadcasted to ALL of my the receipients followers. Please help!

  41. Coffee t says:

    I had 80 people retweet my last tweet, but I can only see the latest 15. I said I’d list everyone who retweeted that tweet… Is there a way that I can see all 80 of those people?

  42. superdork says:

    An example you are watching a cable news show and they are talking about an event and ask viewers to tweet about it. Even The Weather Channel asks for tweets about the weather or a talk show asks for tweets about a subject…it can be random. Most of the time they never tell you hoe or where.

  43. Jamal says:

    its like what is the meaning of retweet? y do have to retweet other ppl’s tweet?

  44. Lasagna delivery guy says:

    A friend uses Tweet Adder, the program for Twitter for automation and to add followers, and he said that he got a copy for free. Is that possible?

  45. blarg blarg says:

    Im going to tweet gordon beckham on twitter and im unsure of what to say. i REALLY REALLY want him to respond, so please give me helpful ideas on what to tweet him?! by the way, im 15 and i want him to respond and to notice my tweet! thank you in advance!
    what question/s should i ask? or what should i say? specifically?

  46. Spider Pc says:

    because on some famous people’s twitter they say like tweet me about whatever or something and when i go to there profile i cant message then but on most regular peoples u can. and that would like be so awesome to send a famous person a message.

  47. everythingisgonnabefine says:

    what is the difference when i tweet with a hashtag ex. #CSI o normal CSI. If i want to tweet a TV show with what should I tweet. If I tweet with a hashtag does it also tweet without a hashtag. How many tweets must be in order for it to become a trending topic?

  48. Courtney says:

    Me and my friend are in a contest to see who can get a certain celebrity to tweet us first, it’s a 50 dollar bet, so I wanna win :P

  49. Only Business says:

    What do i need to do to get them to tweet or follow me back?

  50. lcollier93sbcglobalnet says:

    I want to tweet a celebrity numerous times to see if they tweet back but i don’t want them to think i’m being stalkerish or creepy?

    dumb question i know but whateverrrr

  51. Cupcakerum says:

    My clients album is releasing soon and when it does he wants to create a page where the user must send a tweet/Facebook post in order to reveal the link to the Album. Any idea how to do this? Is it possible to automatically redirect the page after 20 seconds or so, so I’m not FORCING them to tweet it?

  52. Armas says:

    I’ve tweeted celebrities and while some non famous NFL players have replied I’m trying to up the anty. Right now I’m trying to get some Olympians to follow me, especially Mckayla Maroney. Of course them replying to a tweet would be step 1 but I would like the opportunity to DM them. So if anyone has any insight on how to make this happen please help!

  53. rashest_hippo says:

    I sent a tweet to tyra. How wil she answer my tweet if she does not follow me and where will my tweet appear. On her tweet list or on mine
    Thank you

  54. ademuth93 says:

    Every tweet i send someone, i will go to their twitter and send it on their twitter page, but it never appears on their wall?

  55. Eric says:

    I’m just REALLY curious, I want to send a tweet to one of my favorite actors, but they’re not following me. How can I get he/she to follow me or message me back?

  56. mmminja says:

    Someone mentioned my name in a tweet and I don’t want others to see it! She said she deleted it but its still on my profile but not on hers. Why?

  57. DuckieM10 says:

    Why is it important to identify and avoid using Do Not Use abbreviations found in pharmacy practice? Provide an example of a Do Not Use abbreviation and describe what the consequences of mistaking the abbreviation would be. How might a pharmacy technician take steps to prevent abbreviation error?

  58. Gundown64 says:

    to get a background check.
    DCDNT? these abbreviations are located under “party type”.
    Some of the cases say closed. They all have a case # too.

  59. heavenly sword says:

    I have a twitter account named “PetroDrops”. It has a few number of Geologists, Petroleum engineers, editors as its followers. I would like to interact with them through the messages service. I am not able to understand how do I begin interacting and put forward my questions. Please provide me with some tips.

  60. Alun J says:

    I had my twitter account for 1 day and it’s already suspended! I have no idea what I exactly did wrong, but I followed the directions on other websites of what to do, but I’m now just wondering how long it usually takes until Twitter unsuspends your account if they actually do? I’m not exactly a patient person.. (: Thanks!

  61. Coffee t says:

    How can I stream Twitter Feeds to my Facebook page in real-time, without any delay? I used to use “Smart Tweets For Pages” in Facebook, but now, I have to administer the Twitter pages that I want to feed to my Facebook page. RSS Graffiti is delayed a little bit. What application can I use that does this instantly?

  62. addmeonxbox360myuserisfallior says:

    Just joined twitter, and i not only get the people im following through my news feed, but some of their friends. How do i get rid of their friends an just follow them?

  63. Mr SoLo DoLo says:

    What is the benefits-costs balance of creating and keeping a Twitter profile? I already have a Facebook profile and feel it is taking up a huge part of my time and more commitment and investment than I would have liked to give it. But at the same time I am curiousr about all the interest in Twitter and tweets and wonder whether I am missing something good!

  64. Superman says:

    I remember when I first got Twitter not too long ago a window appeared claiming that I may know some people because on their connection on Facebook. How would I be able to get to that window again?

  65. Jamal says:

    How to change your twitter password on the Twitter android app. My account was hacked and I don’t remember my email that i used to sign up so I can’t get on it online without one or the other. Help me out…

  66. llb443 says:

    I heard that it is very difficult to earn money on twitter. How are many people making so much money on Twitter? I want to know how people are using Twitter to become rich. I am totally confused.

    Are there any books or like which can teach how exactly to use twitter to earn much money? Please tell me what are the ways in detail, I am willing to pay if I find useful information on how to monetize on twitter.


  67. Kevin says:

    I have twitter and some people have loads of followers. Me and my friend Amy want to know how you get that many followers without being famous.

  68. nmlpc says:

    I have heard about the original twitter app “Twitter”, echofon, and TweetDeck. I want to know what is the best twitter app out of these 3? Or better yet, do you know another app that is better than the ones I have already listed? I want to know the best one that has the overall best positive reviews.

  69. Orbit says:

    I don’t get the whole Twitter fad. Who cares about the minuscule details of a random person’s life? Why do people care so much on Twitter, yet no one cares about anyone in their own neighborhoods and communities anymore. Everyone just walks around with their noses in their iphones and don’t even bother to look up and say “hi” to people they know.

  70. JimT says:

    I love to roleplay on twitter if anyone here knows what that is. I know about the Boston Blood one but the girls in that are not part of the gangs. Please help! Thanks!

  71. Only Business says:

    I’ve had a twitter for a little under a week, and I only have 9 followers! I want more, but don’t want all the people that I see that tweet teamfollowback. Suggestions?

  72. kewlflame14 says:

    My friend had her account logged onto my Twitter app on my phone, I don’t want access to her account anymore. How can I remove it from my phone without deleting it?

  73. Salam says:

    I dont want to buy twitter followers I just want to promote my account. What are some good websites that do this.

  74. Kaden says:

    I am getting twitter notifications on my iPhone for a twitter member I follow. I don’t ever remember subscribing. How do I unsubscribe?

  75. Dom L says:

    For example, my company has multiple twitter accounts. I would like a program for a PC that can manage the multiple accounts allowing me to create one message to retweet to my other accounts simultaneously.
    I would appreciate any and all suggestions.

  76. baldy eire says:

    I’ve been trying to figure this Twitter thing out and apparently it’s good for bloggers and famous people and businesspeople to share news about what’s going on. My question is, what purpose does it serve for regular people that don’t have a new album out or anything? Do you just tell people stuff like “Out with my friends” or whatever?

    Also, if you get Twitter, can you just follow celebrities to see what they’re up to and not tweet about anything?

  77. kass9191 says:

    I want to make a twitter layout for an english project–different characters of a book tweeting each other. Is there a place I can get one easily or should I just make a bunch of different accounts?

  78. sam N says:

    I know on YouTube you can get paid for your views.
    How many Twitter followers to you need to obtain to get paid for your Twitter success?

  79. Scott W says:

    Looking for specific examples on how neighbors could use a service like Twitter to improve safety/security? For example, send a Tweet if a suspicious person is spotted along with location, etc. Other examples?
    Well, since learning that only one person can tweet into a Twitter feed, I guess Twitter is out of the question for this application. If anyone knows of a service that would allow *everyone* on the distribution to contribute, please let us know about it! Thanks!!

  80. Xedo says:

    I made a twitter account and now I don’t want it how to delete it?

  81. SteveO says:

    I only know how to put my own statuses on to twitter from my phone. How do i get updates and replies texted to my phone. Cuz I don’t receive anything. I have to go online to read stuff.

  82. Cupcakerum says:

    I have my Instagram account linked up with my main personal twitter account. However I also have a professional design account on twitter for my uni work, which also seems to link to my instagram account. I only want my instagram pictures going to my personal twitter, how do I stop them from going to my professional twitter account as well?

  83. whitesoxfan2347 says:

    I have a Facebook and Twitter that I’m on all of the time. I also have a Myspace, but no one really gets on there anymore. I want to find something new. What are some other websites I could check out?

  84. Erfan says:

    So I stumble on my husbands x girlfriend twitter page and all it talks about is how he left her and broke her heart. What should I do ? Should I tell my husband?

  85. Cpt Excelsior says:

    Is twitter a way of hiding conversations? Facebook seems more open. Is twitter a secretive site?

  86. Rkmc says:

    I keep getting twitter updates on my phone. I removed the people following me that i keep getting them from, removed my number from the mobile page in my settings. I emailed twitter about it. And i still keep getting them. Is there any solution besides deleting my account and having to start over.

  87. Balla says:

    These two seem to be the same thing, minus the fact that twitter can text you people’s updates. Why get a twitter when you can just use facebook?

  88. EzioAuditore1459 says:

    I was wondering does dahvie vanity have twitter..?

  89. jdubdoubleu7704 says:

    I was just wondering if you can buy stock with the online twitter site?

  90. shahrukh says:

    Looking for more twitter followers
    Please and thank you!

  91. Mc L says:

    Twitter is better

  92. Rassling Fundamentals says:

    Well every body even my grandpa has a facebook account . But twitter is spouse to be great .

  93. kamikami says:

    I want to follow Tori Spellings Twitter and i do not know how. i type her name in the search bar and i only see other peoples twitters on her. Do I need a twitter to read hers?
    Can you explain?

  94. Jonny says:

    Anyone know of any famous rock stars on twitter? I’m looking for musician or bands that put up more personal updates about their day to day life.. not just show and chart updates.

  95. Jeffery Carlson says:

    Please follow me on Twitter?
    I’m not begging, but I need more followers.
    If you have Twitter, follow me :)

  96. JackReynolds says:

    What is Eddie Vedder (of pearl jam) real twitter account?

  97. RuMKilleR says:

    Hey can someone give me the link to Vinny’s twitter, Ron’s twitter, Pauly’s twitter, Sammi’s twitter, and Angelina’s twitter?

  98. Jeracoo L says:

    hey whats the jonas brothers twitter the real one or do they not have one? thx!

  99. Ryan Dunn says:

    Are you on Twitter?
    What’s your Twitter account?

    Mp: Facebook or Twitter?

    I do tweet. I am on Twitter. There are alot of people on Twitter, but none of my friends seem to be.. Which sucks :(

  100. RuMKilleR says:


  101. unbleevable39 says:

    Hi I was just wondering what Jonghyun and Onews twitter accout names are so i can follow them.

  102. Larry R says:

    what the !@#$ is Twitter?!?!?

  103. simply complicated says:

    How can I find the ip address of my twitter account?

  104. Harriet W says:

    i see people talking about

    TWITTER accounts

    etc etc

    what is this TWITTER…what do they use it for..
    is it something like facebook?

  105. RuMKilleR says:

    can you give me a list of all the users celebrities twitter


  106. Andre says:

    i figure a lot of ppl twitter follow me?
    im sorry idk what font i used i just pick a font and i have like thousands it would take forever to look for it.

  107. addmeonxbox360myuserisfallior says:

    Name all the cricketers that are on twitter???

  108. arronwrath says:

    Is Facebook better than Twitter? I’m thinking of joining them but don’t know which one to get? Should I get Facebook, Twitter or should I get both?

  109. balinderk2000 says:

    I think Twitter is much better.

  110. Tyler H says:

    I am sitting at work and currently need to master twitter for a project at work! First off I hate twitter and can not focus and learn the twitter lingo ughh!. My bosses gave me the awesome task of mastering twitter in one day! Also I have to present a presentation on how to twitter. I need some help any helpful sites? I also have to write a document explaining twitter :/ I just want to go home someone please help me. Thanks

  111. Sophia C says:

    what is twitter and how to get more followers on it..

  112. everydayGuitarist says:

    i got an email today saying click this button to activate your twitter account and i never signed up for twitter is that normal?

  113. Anny says:

    I never had a twitter account atleast for more then 2 days, so facebook

  114. Caltel T says:

    how many wrestling fans have twitter because i need wrestling fan buddies to tweet with.also any wrestlers with accounts
    ok thanks i will tomorrow
    thans guys im following all of you

  115. D3ZZY says:

    how does twitter work?
    what/how is twitter mainly used for?
    how does twitter work?

  116. Le Pwner says:

    what is twitter?

  117. Thomas A says:

    What is twittering mean?

  118. Ssshhhh Im becoming aroused says:

    can anyone log in to Twitter? What happened to Twitter?

  119. kerrin marz says:


  120. RxP DarkBox says:

    Ok so she said on an interview that she was going to go home after that and make a twitter account. She said that a few days ago.

    Whats her twitter account?

  121. Blake says:

    How can I use Twitter effectively?

  122. Superman says:

    which one do you prefer???

    forget about myspace. no one has that anymore. i deleted my facebook about a week ago and im now obsessed with TWITTER! love it

  123. happyha31 says:

    need help finding twitter names please thanks!

  124. Jeracoo L says:

    how do i put a background on my twitter homepage

  125. liza says:

    What in the heck is twitter???

  126. The Villain says:

    Your twitter name ?
    I follow back ♥

  127. gail C says:

    I read many times “follow us on Twitter”

  128. ScRSC says:

    what does twitter do??????

  129. Xavier Hawthorne says:

    Lately it seems all of my friend sare starting to use Facebook less and less for Twitter…

  130. BRUTE says:

    Does anyone know any wwe superstars twitters?

  131. PolishPokeyPimp says:

    Follow me on twitter at glamgirl266:)

  132. Dr Hank says:

    OK OK OK I Installed *Smart*Twitter* on Facebook And When i Open Up Twitter And Start Posting And Retweeting it Does NOT Show Up On My Facebook Wall ?

  133. Michael C says:

    I used to have a twitter account assigned from a previous email I deactivated. Is there a way to retrieve the password through my current email to access my account again?

  134. ScRSC says:

    :) im trying to get some twitter followers, add me

  135. Jason M says:

    what are twitter list?? how do u make a list on twitter??

  136. Gundown64 says:

    Can someone help me out with all these abbreviations? My husband and I are going to a fertility specialist in 2 weeks, we’ve been trying now for almost 3 years. Sometimes I google questions I have but often I can’t figure out what people are saying due to all of the abbreviations. Thank you!

  137. Duke says:

    Hi I just need to know some abbreviations you guys use to make your writing faster like gf (girlfriend) or asap (as soon as possible) and some times I can’t understand what I’m reading because I don’t know them for example LOL what does this mean? Do you know some ? could you give me the abbreviations you use thank you so much

  138. Mak Sultan says:

    Please help me to understand the difference between abbreviation and acronym

    Consider this example
    BASIC = Beginners All purpose Symbolic Instructional Code

    1) Should we call the first part as Abbreviation and the second part as Acronym
    2) If both Abbreviation & Acronym are same and hence refer to ‘BASIC’ in the above example
    then what do you call the second part (Expansion?).

  139. Vultre9 says:

    hi guys not been on here long but finding it a wealth of information, however get confused about what things mean such as dpo, bfn, bfp, af and so on! could someone explain please? thanks in advance x

  140. louisewoods1984 says:

    You know like BRB, G2G, and LOL. This might sound weird but I want a list of every text message abbreviations and/or acronyms that you could possibly think of and what they mean. Feel free to put BRB, G2G, and LOL in your list even though I typed them above. Thanks so much for your input!

  141. soccermaster1 says:

    what do all the abbreviations stand for. like AF? BD’d? BFN? feel free to ad ones i diodnt mention, im sure lots of us would love to know the answers. i know BD’d means sex but what does it stand for?

  142. Alun J says:

    Are these acronyms or abbreviations?

    “lol” (laugh[ing] out loud)
    M.I.A (missing in action)
    lbw (leg before wicket)

  143. stingerms says:

    First person to give me a complete list of online abbreviations with their meaning get my best answer. Example, “brb”=be right back

  144. Con Orpe says:

    Does “The e.s.p is a abbreviation of the especially.” have the same meaning as “The e.s.p stands for the especially.”?
    Ummm should I have typed as esp? The Collins Cobuild Dictionary says “esp. is a written abbreviation for especially.”
    Doesn’t it mean the same thing as “esp stands for especially”?

  145. lucasg615 says:

    Should we use so many abbreviation on this site?

    Remember, there are many Non-English speaking people here, or those, whose command of the English language is not that perfect.

    What do you think?


    i’m not talking abt the obvious ‘u’ or the like

  146. have faith says:


    Also if you could explain any other pregnancy & baby related abbreviations I haven’t mentioned I’d be much obliged! Thanks!

  147. uberfailz says:

    Does anybody have a source that can verify that the abbreviation “imp” after an artist’s signature on a print stands for “imprimatur,” meaning that the artist not only conceived and executed the work of art, but also printed it him/herself?

  148. Keaton says:

    Can someone give me a list of common World of Warcraft abbreviations and what they mean? Like PST? (I forgot them haha)

  149. heavenly sword says:

    Is there an abbreviation of the word ‘invoice’? Or maybe someone knows what it could be.

  150. Gabriel Kenney says:

    does anyone have the abbreviations of the following?:
    Master of arts in applied linguistics
    Master of arts in education
    Master of arts in history
    Bachelor of arts

  151. Seth says:

    what do some of the abbreviations mean idk= I don,t know I,ve worked out. how about some others
    Cheers nadal your spot on
    Blimey Erik their are loads thanks I think y/a needs a list to interpretate

  152. Only Business says:

    I’m pretty new to LoL, and would like to know what a couple abbreviations mean:cs, ks, ap, ad, carry, and a couple others you think would be important to know for League.

  153. Victoria T says:

    My son attends a special school and on his annual review it says that the obstacles preventing my son attending a mainstream school are SEBD & EPLD …. I have no idea what these abbreviations mean… I am not disputing his need to attend a special school, I would just like to understand what his annual review is saying Thanks in advance for your help

  154. Picean says:

    is it just a coincidence that the abbreviations of the states are made by taking the first and last letter?
    or is this just a random coincidence?
    or are there rules and that is why some states don’t follow it?
    NY New York
    just a random thought!

  155. Malcolm Hudson says:

    I am writing my Personal Statement for entry onto a 2010 PGCE course and am constantly referring to my completion of the Students Associates Scheme. however, as I have very limited space do you think abbreviating it to SAS would be advisable?
    Many thanks in advance

  156. Joe M says:

    talking online?

    like for example lol-laugh out loud

    abbreviations and what they stand fro please

  157. Daniel says:

    Translate it into “full” ;-) english. What do these abbreviations mean?

    1. a/c

  158. Roar me R says:

    you know any website that displays the real proper English shortcuts in spelling?

    and also what’s the meaning of i.e., e.g.
    i know they mean example but what is the abbreviation?


  159. Sergio says:

    ie. (.NET) C#.NET,VB.NET,ASP.NET……..
    i hear that .NET abbreviation is
    Network Ehanced Technology?
    is it is correct i need detailed/clarification and explination about the .net abbreviation

  160. Caltel T says:

    I’m having a hard time learning the U.S. states by Postal Code Abbreviation. Can someone show me a site somewhere or a little trick to learning them?

    Thanks, Joshua

  161. josh12rox says:

    Hi, thanks in advance for your time, I have been given a box of old stamps and would like to sell them on eBay, but as I know nothing about them have come across abbreviations like MUH, KGV etc and have no idea what this means! Please help!

  162. kass9191 says:

    Yeh guys dont worry im not stupid i know its not but my brother insists to prove that he is right. So is he?

  163. have faith says:

    why do people shorten words and use abbreviations in their questions and answers that nobody else in here understands? in fact most of the answers are HUH??? i understand that some things like lol and lmao and ttfn are popular and not to bad because their widely recognized as chat abbreviations. but isnt it getting rediculous?

  164. Yoshi says:

    Who use abbreviations?
    Do young people use them mainly?
    Do you feel a sense of inconguity if an aged use them?
    Or everyone uses them?
    Japanese girls [around 15] often use 「わ wa」 instead of 「は ha」.
    For exampre, 「私わ watasiwa」.
    Could English abbreviations be used like the usage of 「わ」?

    and could you tell me some abbreviations? [such as `btw` and`u`.]

    Lastly, some days ago, I use `gotta` and `wanna` in a sentence.
    A man says ,`There are no such words as wanna and gotta`.
    I have seen `wanna` and `gotta` in some sentences.
    Are there really no words as wanna and gatta ?

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